2WW (I think)

Hi hope someone will be able to give me some advice.
I already have a 17 month dd and im ttc. Fell pregnant in the first month last time so have no idea about OV. I think imust have been OV on/since Monday as this was day 14 of the cycle but i have no idea how long it lasts for or what symptoms to look out for.
We've been ttc for a few months (casually) but it doesnt seem to be happening as easy this time so think its time to do it properly lol.


  • Hi hun they say when you OV some women get a dull pain or sharp pain in the side and also lots of EWCM. When was the first day of your last AF?

    You were very lucky to fall right away with your little girl I am hoping the same will happen for me, this is my first month of trying xxx
  • Hi the first day of my last af was 5th may. i had shooting pains in my ribs last night quite strong like being kicked or prodded in the ribs so could this be a symptom? Im so clueless honestly.
    I know only just realising now how lucky i was the first time.
    Good luck will keep fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hope you get your bfp this month. You have the benefit of knowing that you can get pg which is a help. OV signs......I don't get them!! I've just started to use ov sticks which tell you when you are oving. Hopefully you won't get that far and you'll get your bfp in no time!


  • So you are on day 18 of your cyc you should of OV around though this is a rough guide on the 18th May. Did you have any pains then or any ewcm?

    K xx
  • I found it best to monitor cm internally, and keep a diary of what it was like every day. This helped me recognise ewcm.
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