Any BFP this weekend??

Hope those of you waiting to test this wkend get a BFP!! Anyone done a test yet??
Im getting Im not bothering to test, its only a matter of time before af arrives, at least we can get straight back into trying again!!

babydust to everyone


  • I don't recall seeing any today - but all those due to test today are waiting until tomorrow so we may have some then!
  • i was due af on thursday but im waiting untill monday to test, its my birthday and iaf af hasnt arrived by then i think i could be in with a shot at getting bfp....but dont wana get my hopes post as soon as iv tested!

    i kno clarkie is testing 2mz. xxx
  • I got mine yesterday!
  • ohhh wow!!! congratulations!!!
    im sooo jelous!!! i hope il be joining u!
  • Thats soooo cool!!

    Im findiong myself getting really excited for everyone and its gr8 wen sum1 gets their BFP even if Im totally not goin to this month!!

    Gud luck every1. Melissa Im betting you soo are - and I hope so too, but Ive bn thro soo many times of geting my hopes up and then the disappointment so I totally know where youre coming from with the waiting till Monday. Best to wait then more likely get the right result. x
  • thats just what was thinking!!! im gunna try and not think about it now as i really dont wana get let down!
  • Hi, I was due af on Thurs had cramps did test and BFP, this will be baby no 4!!!! BTW had af cramps with last pregnancy too. Good luck everyone.
  • Congrats emmajt. xx
  • when did u test if u were due af on thurs?
  • I got my BFP today!! Can't quite believe it as i only came off the pill in April!!! x
  • Thanks i was very eager and tested on thursday mornig, had af cramps but that happened the last time i was pg. i also tested again Fri morn just to make sure.
  • hiya, got BFP saturday.
    congratulations to all you BFP out there!!
    good luck to all of you waiting to test x
  • hi im trying to concive af due saturday but the wait to test is killing me did one today but not but i know its early x
  • Congrats everyone and hope you enjoy your pregnanies
    Hi - well Im still getting the odd crampy feeling but still no sign of my af, I know its coming eventually because the specialist fertility nurse told me I hadnt ovulated last month. I just want it to arrive now so we can get back to bd!!
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