saying goodbye to AF!

woohoo! she's been a nasty one this last week (making up for lost time) but i think she has finally gone. i've told her i don't want to see her for 9 months and i hope she understood that.

now i am full of PMA and hope that i ov within the next week so i can aim for a wedding anniversary BFP (and a very sticky healthy one at that)!

**got to stay positive**

good luck to everyone else this month image
babydust to you all!



  • Well mrs-e I'm glad she's gone and hopefully you can sneak a little one in before she comes looking for you again!! You are right about staying positive - I'm sure it helps xxx
  • mrs_e, I have just researched back frantically, I am so sorry I had no idea you were ttc again. I had been keeping an eye for a post from you but I had been on hol and then had no internet for 8 days, but now i have found you, Im sending you bags of PMA and really hope you get your bfp again!! I just read about you bear, its a lovely idea! How r u?

    eek- almost cant say this but i had my scan on sat, and im having twins!

    Love Emma
  • Yay! Go Mrs_e! I think July is going to be your month. xx
  • hi em1983 - i'm so excited for you!

    thanks for the PMA - i really hope we can fall pg fast and it is a keeper, i just long to be pg again.

    hope your morning sickness gets better!! i will keep my eye out now in the feb forum to make sure you are ok!!

    big hugs xxx

    (and yes babyb - it has to be. and yours too!!!!!!!! so happy you got bfn this morning! gosh that sounds strange but you know what i mean! will reply later to email xxxx)
  • Ive waved my af off this morning. Mine to has been a painful one. Knocked me for 6 this time. Still got low abdo pain though like she is still in full flo but she has definately gone.
  • Mrs-e I banished mine for 9 months last month and got my BFP yesterday so hope it works for you too xx
  • yay thanks for that socks!!!

    babymonkey - glad she has gone for you -she has been quite nasty lately hasn't she, coming early for people, lingering, been a right pain?! good luck for this month xxx
  • I think a wedding anniversary BFP is definitely on the cards - July is feeling like a good month!
  • hi hun glad ure feeling +, i am too we atarted bdin because its that time of the month! lol hopefully we will both get a bfp this cycle!!! hugs xxx
  • Good luck mrs_e, glad the hag has finally left you! keeping my fingers crossed that yo get your July bfp! xxx

  • thank you all!!

    bb4 good luck for testing my fingers and toes are crossed for you!

    sticky babydust to all
  • glad she is gone and really hoping you get your bfp next month. im just waiting for her to dissappear so i can get started. make sure and keep that

    sending lots of sticky babydust to everyone.xxxx
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