Any1 been abroard during early pregnancy

Hi, am new to this forum, as have been waiting to get the all clear from hosp appt which i'll have march 25 before i start TTC, thats luckily for me around OV time so assuming i get caught then (wishfull thinking i know but it happened very fast with 1st LO) then we are due to go abroard mid may, which would make me around 8weeks preg, now i dont know if theres any risks with traveling in early preg and was just wondering if any1 else has had same issue?
Equally i dont know if i want to hold on waiting much longer incase im not that lucky 2nd time round and could be trying for yrs?? any advice would be good, thanks all lots of baby dust xxx


  • hi with my 1st i was preg and hol and didnt know i was sick on the plane travelling home and did a test when i got bk and it was bfp and i was 4-5 weeks. i think you can travel abroad on a plane up to 7 months preg. so you would be fine, aslong as your not sick lol! good luck xxx
  • Hi hun we wanted to start ttc but going on honeymoon so could be PG. Worried about the body scanners they say they are vey low risk but im worried that they dont know the long term effects. They say if your picked you have to go through or you cant fly. Hope someone can clear this up. x
  • was pregnant on hols - didn't know just be careful with seafood and things like that other than that you should be fine xx
  • I went abroad three times in my first of once at 11 weeks once at 20 wks and once at 32 weeks, I was fine for all three just needed a note from the doc for my last one, not sure about this bodyscanner thing it wasn't around then, that's shocking that they would make you do anything with any risk to an unborn baby! Will be interested to hear if anyone knows anymore x
  • Hi hun, when i was 8 weeks pg with my ds we went to egypt and i was absolutely fine, only thing was we had booked all inclusive so i couldnt drink. 2nd time round when i was pg with dd we went to gran canaria. I was 7 weeks pg when we flew out and at 8 weeks i had a bleed so the 2nd week was awful as i just wanted to go home and get everything checked out. Dont know about the body scanner thing though hun x
  • you have to go though a scanner before you go on a plane not sure if it has any ricks so can not help you i know your not allowed to fly after 28 weeks as i had a holiday booked but we just moved it by 6 months till after my DD was born you can google it other than that ask your doctor when you find out your PG

  • hey thanks all for replys think we'll just continue with the ttc and see how things go after all it may not even happen that fast, and if it doesnt then i wont even know untill i get home, i was more owrried of what may happen if i had a blead or anything, and all the worries that would come with that xxx xxx ps hope the body scanner thing is ok, iv not heard of this before either??xxx
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