My rude veg is not having the effect that I was after :(

Hi ladies

Well since I chose to have a picture of a rude carrot things have gone very strange.

I've been using the CBFM for a while now - this is my forth month. Each month apart from my first I've had the usual 2 peaks, in month 2 at CD20 and month 3 at CD24. Today is CD24 but I've had no peaks and the sticks don't indicate that it's going to happen anytime soon.

I know I shouldn't read the sticks - but lets face it, i'm sure we all do it secretly. Previously I've been able to watch the 2nd line getting darker as I approached my peaks and could pretty much predict the days that I get them. But this cycle I've noticed that the second line hasn't changed since CD9 when I started to POAS - it's barely there and don't expect that it will change enough over the next few days (I only have 5 sticks left).

I'm so worried that this means that i'm not going to OV this cycle and feel that BDing for babies will just pointless.

I'd love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. I know it's quite common to not get your peaks during the first month while the machine is getting used to you, but I would've thought it should know me pretty well by now.

Thanks for listening, I just had to get it down and talk to someone about it who may be able to shed some light.


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  • Hi Chickychoo,

    I've not started using my CBFM yet, so can't advise you on the strips, but whay don't you bd for the fun of it - bd-ing dosn't always have to be about making babies and if the stress has gone for baby-making this month, you might relax more and you hear of ladies who've given bd-ing a rest for a month and got their bfp!

    I hope one of the other ladies can shed more light on your question
  • Ah thanks arls0308. You are right, I think i'll look at this month as bding for fun. It's terrible isn't it that we get so bogged down in baby making that we forget to enjoy ourselves. xx
  • Chicky, dont forget that romeo had no peaks the month she got her BFP.......
  • Hey Pickle, yes you're right but I think it was Romeo's first month using it and therefore it hadn't got used to her cycles yet and didn't know what her peaks look like. As you can see i'm full of PMA today (not)!
  • Hi ladies!

    Chickychoo - a couple of months before i got my BFP, i had a random long cycle... I wasnt using the CBFM at the time but for some unknown reason my cycle jumped from it;s usual 33-35 days to almost 50 days. I went to see my gynaecologist (sp?) coz i was worried, but he said that can just happen sometimes, and my cycles went back to normal after that random long one - so perhaps the same is happening to you this month?
    Please dont worry too much - just BD every 2 or 3 days in the meantime. Good luck hun.

  • Hey Broody,

    Nice to hear from you and I hope you're doing well!

    I hope you're right and I'm having a random one. I came off the pill in April so thought I'd have settled down by now. I guess I'll know eitherway when AF arrives, if she's on time I'll put it down to not ovulating if she's late than it must be a long cycle. I haven't had any of my usual post OV symptoms either - EWCM or sore (.)(.)

    I got really cross with hubby last night when I asked him if he wanted to do some baby dancing and he replied - what's the point you haven't peaked! Men can be so unsympathetic at times.

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