So after 7 months we got a + :-)

So the title says it all ,I have been a member of TTC since oct and have been trying since sept o8 and on Sat 4th april 15 dpo i got a faint line ona cheapie dip test HPT redid the test on sat nite as hubby still couldnt believe a faint line still means its true and again another faint line ,hes stil lin shockso we go to bed ,anyway very early on sunday 5th (16 dpo) the Clear Blue can up straight away with a + i walk otta the bathroom saying we got a cross and he was like give me that stick LOL that soon woke him up good and proper. we havent stopped grinning yet.

I tested again today on a cheapie and the lines are getting stronger ..

for those who want to know
I had a slight bleed on the 31st march and looking at the bbc online pregnancy calender this was exact date you might have one !! Im a bit more tired than normal and have sore boobies and a achy back and i feel a bit sick sometimes ,(but ive never been happier.)

What we did differently.
last month i had a really short cycle 25 days so this month i used opks for the 1st time this month to help me work out my ov days , we waited till we got postives on our opks before having sex , Hubby is on wellman and im taking Folic acid. this month we quite relaxed about it all cause we had joked a few times about having a xmas baby ( hubby thinks its a shame to have ur bday so close to xmas as his is in the summer ) so i was like well we will defo have a dec baby then LOL , opps i guess he jinxed us.

anyway sorry for this essay i am soo happy xx


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