All this time

Hello girls,

Only just got back and I am talking about cm already but guess what, i have just had EWCM for the very very first time!! All this time I had what i thought was EWCM and now I actually have it it shows me I was wrong.

I am taking this to be a very good sign that my body is working better now after coming off the pill. Maybe I have not been OVing at all, last night and this morning i have had small little pains in my ovaries as well so i am hoping this is a good sign image

Just thought I would share with you all.

K xx


  • That's great news, sounds like your body is getting back to normal. I am due to OV very very soon so heres hoping that we both get our BFP's sooooooonnn xxx
  • hope youve been hope youhad a good weekend. thats exactly the symptoms i had earlier in the month. good luck really hope you get your bfp this
  • Have had trouble posting...have been trying to say.....woohoo! xx
  • LOL thank you girls, i am just really shocked as now I really know what it was meant to look like and I never really had it before even though i thought i did. Plus I am now having oving pain's as well.

    I just feel sooo silly thinking I had it before when now I really do not think i did lol.

    Maddie good luck honey lets hope it's our time. I bd'd last night and was not going to tonight and then bd again tomorrow night do you think that will be ok? Every other day?

    k XX

  • hiya if i wee you id bd every other day till cd18 just to be on the safe
  • Yeah i thought the same in fact I am going to try and bd as much as poss till my af is due , or at least every other day. Do think that is ok, or do you think being around OV I should bd every day?

    K xx

  • Hey k-lou - sorry to crash. I know it's only supposed to be every other day but if you know you're ov'ing I'd be getting jiggy with it right now!

  • LOL thanks babe i was going to leave it tonight as we did it last night and I was worried about doing it every day but I might see how he feels about doing it tonight as wellimage

    k xx

  • Some women prefer to bd every day for a few days, when they have ov signs. You know there is no right and wrong. Personally I bd'd days together during ov. xx
  • we bdanced everyday during ov although we have bdanced nearly everyday since. (sorry tmi). just making up for having no sex
  • ha ha ha I will see how he feels, i am worried if we do it every day we wont enjoy just making love you know?
    Thanks girlies

    k xx

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