really sore foot!!! I wonder????

If you know the way they say a sore shoulder is a sign of eptopic pregnancy because of the internal bleeding & pressure on nerves? well i wonder can it go down too? my right foot is killing me for no apparent reason started hurting earlier on now i can barely walk on it, it feels like a sprained ankle but across & under the middle of my foot if that makes sense, its really weird? Also have had sharp pain on my right side on & off the last few days ????????:\?


  • OMG Ive just come across this whilst looking for an older post I had forgotten all about it, turned out I was pregnant & it was ectopic!!
  • That must have been so scary! They never talk about getting pain elsewhere in your body.
  • How bizarre. Hope you haven't got the pain now-don't want you having another ectopic!
  • Hi

    It wasnt connected i dont think i never had any internal bleeding, just thought god funny how things pan out isnt it!!

    Lol! Helen - no we dont!!

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