11DPO anyone with me????buddys??

hey girls im on my 1st month ttc and i never thought i would start to ov straight away but got very strong + yesterday so im 1dpo is anyone else in the same boat????? would love a buddy(s) for the 2ww!! xxxxx

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  • I'm 1dpo too but on month 9 so really hope this is THE one! Good luck to you! How long did it take you to conceive your dd? I have a ds and it took about 6 months with him x
  • I'm 1dpo too but on month 9 so really hope this is THE one! Good luck to you! How long did it take you to conceive your dd? I have a ds and it took about 6 months with him x
  • hey hun! i got my +ve on sunday so i think probably ovulated around monday or tuesday maybe wednesday at the latest.
    so i am on the 2ww as i cant test until around 10th august!
    hope its our month!!! xxxxx
  • ooohhhh soo exited!! he he i know i shouldnt get my hopes up but i cant help it! he he
    goonie- i fell pregnant with her whilst on the pill missed just one was a shock but feels so strange now to actually be trying! feel ready even though she can be a little monkey!! he he she has downs so think it will be hard but will help her alot.
    mrs waggy wants another- i am hoping to test around 12th would be fab if we are lucky to concieve after such short time and the 12th is hubbys birthday so would be a extra special treat!! fingers crossed!!!
  • i know how amazing would it be!!
    we are on month 2 so i know its early days, it took us 5 months to conceive Evie, i had a mc after 3 months of ttc.
    i really hope we have caught ovulation, this month. i keep saying im not going to test early but i know ill be chomping at the bit next week!
    ah my mums birthday is 12th august!!
  • This has to be lucky!! My hubbies birthday is the 11th and my sister in laws is the 12th! x
  • me! i think anyway. I dont used OPKs (yet anyway), im cd 16 today so will have ovd in last few days, Im not sure how positive I feel as didnt bd that much because of our conflicting shifts at work. hopefully this a good month for us all, think ill be testing 12th too x
  • ohhh so what day do you all aim to test at ?? (if we can last that long)!! x
  • i want to try and wait till AF late, see if it happens though!! never thought TTC would be so stressful. one of my staff brought his baby in last week, she was a week old, just reminded me how much I really want my own little family. would love a BFP in august as its our first wedding anniversary x
  • ohh mine too its mine on sunday 1st aug! it is stressful hubby just going with the flow but when i keep telling him things he doesnt realise how short the window is and how important it is to do it at the right times!!! its very hard work!!!
  • it is, my hubby is so naive, he thinks it can happen anytime. ive tried explain, but decided just not to tell him when I think ov-ing. its ours on the 27th, would be a great anniversary present. just hope doesnt take too long for BFP. how old is your little one in your pic, shes gorgeous x
  • i think i might be due af on 12th august. i read that you can test + 16 days after +ve opk so that would take me to 10th august, 2 days before af is due.
    oh god i feel sick already at the thought of testing and it being BFN!
  • me too mrs waggy i gunna get a few more nights bding in aswell as only +opk yest so want to make sure!! he he how many days after +opk should you bd?
    i should be able to test about 14th then if its 16 days, i thought it was 14 days though you can have +pg test from!?
    so exited- ellie was 3 when that pic was taken it was on my wedding day last year!! love her to bits! xx
  • must be lovely to have your kids as part of your wedding! how long u been with hubby, where abouts u live?
  • it was it was lovely! apart from the bit where she was under the table when i was saying my vows lifting the registrars skirt up!! he he he thats all i could think of! shes a little star though she has taught me so much! i look at her having downs as a amazing thing as i dont think id be where i am now if it wasnt for her!!
    me and hubby been together for 6 years now we been married 1 year on sunday it has gone sooo quick! cant believe how fast time is going!
  • awh bless her, bet u couldnt help smiling! i cant believe its been nearly a year, seems to have flown by, honeymoon seems even longer ago.
  • i was reading that you should bd the day of the +ve, the day after and the day after that as insurance.
    we bd on sunday, monday, wednesday and thursday as i had a bit of watery ewcm which fertility friends said was me still being fertile.
    tbh i think we will bd tomo and maybe sunday just to make sure this week is well and truelly covered lol!

    realistically we should be able to test from 9dpd as implantation should have occured by then but the longer you leave it the stronger the +ve.
    i am going to just forget about it now and see what happens, if nothing has happend by 10th august then i might test!

    your dd is gorgeous, she will be a fab big sister!
    ah i really cant wait to be pregnant again, it is such a special time in a womans life.
    those first kicks etc and your big gorgeous bump!
    ahhhhhhhh baby fairy impregnate me NOW!!!!
  • Hey, yep me too, well near enough! got + sun/mon so roughly 4dpo. Think ill prob get to 10dpo then ill end up testin. Won't be able to resist. Are you going to wait the full 14days before testin? Xxx
  • hey nic i got my +ve on sunday too!!
    yes i am going to be strong and wait until 10th august!!!
    if i have any spotting between now and then then i think ill test but aprt from that i am going to be strong and keep away from the tests! xxxx
  • ha ha mrs waggy share her with me aswell!! he he i am such an impatient person would have loved to give hubby the clear blue digital positive as a birthday present but dont think if we are lucky this month it will show as some ladies say they are not very sensitive. aaahhh can feel myself getting ahead of myself! cant help it sometimes its all i keep thinking about!!
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