AF has arrived :-(

Thought I was due on tomorrow but the witch reared her head this morning.

Am hoping it is implantation bleeding, but who am I kidding, I am in denial until I see the full flow, because in January before I found out I was pg, I had light bleeding until my af, and I thought it was af.

Anyway, at least I know what ewcm looks like and what my ov'd date was last month, along with all my symptons as I kept a diary, but my big tip for next month is to do it every other night instead of every night (unless I know I am due to ov), just to preserve the stock.

My dh and I was talking last night about going to USA mid September, but if af didn't arrive, I probably wouldn't be able to travel. But now that she has arrived, I can think about booking that holiday now.

Anyway onwards and upwards to month 11 (or month 3 after mc). Best of luck to you all and lets hope there are lots of BFP in May.


  • HI Sevans! Sorry the witch found you! Your sounding determined for next month and mega positive! Good luck to you!xxx
  • Sorry shes found you. Good luck for may, and hope you can get the holiday booked.x

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  • Sorry she's found you. You sound very positive - well done. You still don't know, as you said as it may prove the same as the last time and might be implantation bleeding?

  • Sorry that the evil curse has managed to find you, maybe next month will be the month you get your BFP
    Sending lots of babydust your way
  • Thank you ladies.

    I havnt had much so far today and had no cramps, so still hoping it is implanation
  • Have you tested?
  • No, I thought because I had some blood when I wiped this morning, it was af Last month I had 2 days of spotting and, according to my diary last month, I did get a swirling of the stomach/minor af cramps. Today, no feelings like that so far. I reckon if I don't come on full tomorrow, I may test on Sunday.
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