First AF after withdrawal.....

Was anyone else's incredibly painful and heavy? I have had to buy super plus tampons and they are only good for 2hours!! I have NEVER had to buy them before?! Don't even start on the stomach and back pain.......


  • Oh bless you immense, so sorry the witch is being horrid. Can't really comment as i've not really had a period since coming off pill yet! Hope she soon goes away and you can enjoy some baby making.
  • Hi Immense,
    i came offf my pill nearly 2 weeks ago and i had the most awful period pains straight after, not had them like that for years, when my period finally did arrive a few days later i was quite heavy and had clotting, again not had that for ages either, luckily it only lasted a few days though. x
  • i know its painful but you should take it as a good sign that all is getting back to normal & in working order!!

    because mine have been so light and no bother the doc thinks its cause i'm not ov'ing, so as crap as its making you feel right now i'm sure its a good sign for you!!!

    how long was your cycle, did you have to wait long?
  • Thanks for the replies - she has finally started to calm down painwise topday - although still fairly heavy!! It is more the pain that I hate!!

    danipink - I went 40days after my withdrawal bleed. I had tons of PG symptoms all the time but always BFN when testing! I think 40 days is pretty good for the 1st 'real' AF!!

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