Cd22, 5DPO- anyone now waiting????

We tried the SMEP this month! Lol much effort required....!!! I OV on CD18 (much later than i thought for the last 6 months of trying!!!!)!

Cycle ranges between 28-34 days so AF should arrive by 11th April but i am going to try so hard to not to test until Friday 16th.

how are you all doing? After last month and the faint line and then AF arriving after all i am def more chilled this month and hope to stay that way, wish me luck...
xxGood luck everyone:\)


  • Hi trying, it sounds like you've done all you can so good luck image I'm either 5 or 6 dpo today and my luteal phase is only 10 days so I'll be testing on Sunday if af doesn't show! x
  • Hey trying 82, I'm cd24 4dpo at the moment so waiting aswell. I'm going to test Sunday because I have a party to go to and want to know if i can have a drink or not! lol.

    Good luck hunny x
  • Hi ladies, im 4DPO and the wait is driving me MAD! I think I will test Sunday. I plan to try and wait till af due but I know I wont be able to :roll:

    Anyone feeling any different yet?
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