well im 10dpo and did a test, wasnt even a faint second line, couldnt help but cry.
I thought this was my month :cry:


  • Ditto - heartbreaking isnt it. Keep up the PMA hun, it will be your time soon :\)

  • Sorry to hear that Miss77 but isnt 10dpo early? It may be just shy image Keep up the PMA...!!!!!! We'll all get there very soon!!! xx

    Sorry my fingers must have moved off centre...meant Miss88 image xx

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  • 10 dpo is very early hun so don't count yourself out just yet!! Implantation can occur as late as 12dpo so wait another 3 or 4 days and test again, fingers crossed xx

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  • I'm hoping ti just shy, still have symptons and today i cried my eyes out because my hubby said he loved me on the phone
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