Just for fun

Lets have a bit of fun to lighten the mood.

Has anyone had any strange food cravings over the last few days?



  • I havent but then I never do really, not even when I was pg with dd. Although I have what some might say a wierd fettish, which is a jam sandwich with prawn cocktail crisps crushed in!! ha ha its lovely. mmm thinking about it now but have no crisps
    How about you babymonkey? x
  • Hi I have a similar fettish ! grated cheese mixed with mayo and crushed prawn cocktail crisps! not sure about the jam thou Fiona!!lol
  • mm im not sure about the cheese and mayo! lol
    I dont like lots of jam, just a thin layer, you should try it.
    I always hear that women have craving for pickled onions in pg but I never did I was just hungry most of the time and ate lots of chocolate. he he x
  • I know, if I eat 2 sarnies I feel sick but still like it!!, I loved those pepperami sausage things and baby bel cheese when I was pg!! It's a wonder my dd came out so good !!lol xx she is a bit of an animal lol not really lol
  • At the moment it has to be pork scratchings and marmarlade sandwiches made with tiger bread and certain marmarlade. Not together though. Also quite keen on rowntrees fruit pastle ice lollies.
    LOL I havent even had a BFP yet
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