Introducing myself

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

I am a mum of one already, and just about to embark on trying for number 2. AF arrived yesterday (groan - because although we weren't officially trying last month, we weren't actually not trying either if you get me!) But hey, here's to a fresh start and a new month of really going for the goal!

Hope you're all well and I look forward to sharing the exciting (but sometimes tricky) journey with you all! Got loads of questions to come I'm sure...

Chat soon x:\)


  • Hi Maybebaby2,

    I'm new too and also ttc number 2!

    I had the mirena coil removed mid October and we have been actively trying since then. Not really sure where I am in my cycle at the mo but keeping my fingers crossed for good news soon (although realise it could be a good few months yet). We already have a ds who's coming up 14 months.

    What do you already have?

    Good luck this month and look forward to chatting about all the trials and tributions related to ttc (and anything else that gets our goat);\)

  • Welcome MaybeBaby2!!!

    I'm fairly new on here too and everyone has been really welcoming and supportive, it's amazing how good it feels to be able to share your ups and downs with people.

    Wishing you lots of luck with ttc your second, here's hoping your first 'proper' month of trying brings you a BFP!!.x.
  • Hello! I'm also ttc no 2!
    I have a dd who is 9 months now. Af came today for me. I'm armed with my CBFM and hoping for a lovely bit of news this christmas!!!! (Wishful thinking!)

    Good luck and babydust xxx
  • Thanks ladies.

    We already have a delightful baby boy image who we consider to be a real blessing after recurrent mcs and various complications in the past. Sometimes you think you will never get through a bad patch, but I can honestly say we've come a long way since then and feeling much more +ive now we have our little one.

    I've got a few preg tests ready for use in the cupboard. Just not sure how long it will take before I decide to stock up on the old OV tests!! hee hee!

    All the best x
  • Hi Maybebaby2!

    I'm quite new to this forum too - I only joined last week. I had my copper coil removed on about CD20 last month so this is our first 'proper' month of ttc!

    Did you use OV tests to conceive your first? I'm just in 2 minds whether to get some to try or whether to give it a few months first!

    Just joined and I think I'm going to try charting my temperature for a bit and take it from there!!

    Fingers crossed your little boy will soon have a little brother or sister! xx
  • Hi maybebaby2, I'm quite new as well though I'm trying for my first. AF arrived yesterday as well so maybe we'll be CD buddies image

    Fingers crossed xx
  • Welcome maybebaby2 and hello to everybody else, we're ttc no 2 too! Cycle no 3 and just in 2WW!
    Baked not fried I have a daughter who is almost 14 months so maybe our next babies will be same age too?!
    Looking forward to seeing all those BFP's.
  • Until I read your question Mrs Robertson, I completely forgot that I had used OV sticks the month we conceived! I kept a diary of every single thing. It makes quite a funny read now that I have dug it out and seen it after so long! Think I might buy some again this time actually.

    I also forgot about the 'Sperm Meets the Egg Plan' that I tried to follow (but actually adapted slightly in the end). If you google it to read, it is supposed to give you v good advice to help your chances of conception. I didn't follow it rigidly, but I did take the cough medicine they recommend called Robitussin (can get from Boots) which loosens mucus apparently and helps the little swimmers to stay alive for longer.

    Maybe have a look at the plan and see what you think.

    Huni - Yes! CD buddies sounds fab! My cycles are quite long though, about 35 days.

    Hope you're all well x
  • Hey janejune,

    Would be lovely to move over to pregnancy together and share stories on how to cope with being pg and with the demands of an older baby. xx
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