Somebody slap me!!!!

I just tested and BFN I knew it would be that I have no idea what the hell made me test I was being so strong and I came in opened my draw and saw it!!!

I am 11DPO

K xx


  • I'd be the same. I did a test this morning, and I'm having to stop myself going out to buy another one - I guess I'll just have to wait a couple of days - AF due friday, I'll maybe test again Thursday morning (I'm so impatient!). Good luck with it!
  • Hold your hand out- SLAP-. Sorry you got that bfn hunni. Its a mad compulsion comes over you isnt it? Hope it turns to a bfp later in the week. Good luck!!xx
  • slap slap slap
    feeling better now???
    naughty girl testing early, psst wanna join poas anon? lol
    Filo x
  • Slap slap!! image Sorry you got a bfn, i'm gutted for you. But it is too early so fingers crossed for, actually i have everything crossed possible for a wonderful bfp for you in a few days time xxx
  • Ahh thank you girls I am so mad at myself for testing.

    Can I just asked what does poas stand for?

    K xx
  • Pee on a stick!!
  • its just too too hard to wait sometimes. Maybe its too early for it show yet. If it doesnt happen this month you will just have to enjoy trying for another month!
  • Pee on a stick lol xx
  • K-lou! Hope it's just too early for you! xx
  • Yeah I have kinda come to terms with the fact it's not my month but I ok with that I will wait for my AF to come whenever that may be

  • It might still be your month,its not over til she arrives. Here-catch this pma!!!xx
  • tut tut K what are we gonna do with you!
    LOL only jokin Ive done that plenty of times. when you get that urge its impossible to resist. Be careful you dont become a poas addict!!!
  • I know how awful is that!!! I really have no idea what made me do it ;-(

  • Im sorry to do this but......................


    I did exactly yhe same this morning lol. Havent got a clue why as AF not due till sunday (I think) hee hee. What are we
  • BAD, BAD,K-lou, no sweeties for you!! lol. Its desperation for a baby that makes us do it, we are all guilty lov. Hope your bfps just waiting round the corner for you . xxx
  • image at least I am not the only one hee hee going shopping tonight so will buy some more tests xx

  • Thats the spirit, get stocked up! lol xx
  • I tested too early and had a BPN then i did it again a week later and still a BFN. I bought some pregnancy test strips from ebay and tested 2 days before AF was due and got BFP. I then tested again every day and night for about 4 days and then gave in and bought a CBD. Do not give up!!!!!

  • Really??? well done you image

    Thats the thing I am on 12DPO would it not show up by now?? Also as this is my first natural bleed I have no idea when I am actually due on so have no idea when to test? This is sooooo frustrating!


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