AF Found me in the Night :-(

Well despite my symptoms, AF found me during the night (noticed when feeding lo at 3am)

Oh well on to month 3 - the Valentine Bubba is not to be - must concentrate on March (it's my birthday on the 11th and hopefully will be 39 weeks pregnant then)

Best of luck to all others still waiting to test this month

Mandy x


  • Sorry she found you,good luck for next month! I'm due af tomorrow,think she's on her way if i'm being honest! x
  • Sorry to hear that hun. Good luck for next month. xx
  • Sorry she found you. Maybe next month will be the one and you will get your birhday bump! Good luck x
  • Sorry about that.I think shes on te way for me too. Will be very surprised if shes not here before friday. Good luck for next month.xx
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