How cruel (TMI)

I've got a bartholins cyst in my lady region and omg it is agony. Never felt pain like it!! Went to Dr today and have been given antibiotics. Whats so cruel is i had my first high today and really wanted to make the most of this month. Some of you may know but i was hoping to start ivf this month but it has been put on hold due to a high fsh blood test. This is the test that determines your ovarian reserve. Mine being high suggests its not so good. If its not lower this month then ivf is a no go. I feel like time is running out and really don't want this month to be wasted. Now, do i grin and bear it and try and bd anyway or should i just write this month off? I don't want to aggrevate it further but can't really afford to waste a month. Time feels so precious right now. Any opinons will be greatly appreciated. xx


  • hi chick, look after yourself first and foremost, get your fella to run around after you and then when you are 100% go for it. theres nothing worse than trying to get into it when you feel awful or are in pain, really hope things go well for you xxx
  • Turkey baster is def a good idea from the sound of it and how funny will it be to tell your lo if it works and you get a bfp lol x
  • Littlewolf that has just made me laugh out loud!!! OH asked what i was laughing at so told him. He has given that idea the thumbs down. Shame cos i would have been up for it!!!

    deballen, he is being very sweet. Keeping me topped up with tea and has just gone to run me warm bath.

    Just can't believe it has appeared right before my fertile time. Mother nature can be so cruel sometimes. xxx
  • i know sweet, i got a terrible head cold a couple of weeks ago (at around the right time) which i could have coped with , but then the hubby got it too so we were both in bed asleep by 930 for a week!! any thoughts of ttc went right out the window, although we did give it ago a couple of days ago, but i think its too late as im due soon. every month seems like a loss doesnt it?xx
  • It does and i just can't afford to lose any months. I'm 38 next month with a diminishing ovarian reserve. I'm pretty desperate at the moment, hence me even considering the bd when in so much pain. Hopefully this will be a lucky month for us all. xxx
  • ive got everything crossed for you. im only 25, so time is on my side at the moment. i really feel for you because people can seem to get caught just looking at a fella!!im sending big big hugs and best wishes, hope you get a good one very soon xx
  • Thanks for that hun. Hoping your BFP is just around the corner too. xx

    littlewolf you are creasing me up. Will try some gentle persuassion but not hopeful. Very true about being similar to ivf. Will use this in my arguement!! xx
  • Oh Katie, that sounds awful and I do hope the pain subsides quickly. Personally I'd try and go for it, sorry for tmi but maybe get your OH going first so that the actual deed doesn't take too long. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • good idea lawso xx
  • So sorry you're in pain. Could you the majority of teh work manually/orally and then hop on at the last minute? Minimal pain, maximum results! You could do this as a back up if hubby won't agree to the syringe, I agree less tinkering than IVF-just make sure there's no air in there!x x x
  • if you go for the turkey baster idea get it in you as soon as poss after it comes out of hubby, as the little swimmers don't like to get cold, or have prolonged contact with plastic.

    and for those of you that wonder how I know this let me give you all some more laughs :lol:

    I'm a vet and we've done artificial insemination before with soem mastiffs. the owner does the actual w*nking (no-one else would volunteer!!) and i stimulate the prostrate. we catch it in a pot using a funnel and then I whip it into a syringe and insert it int he bitch using a long tube. Last time the owner got dog spunk in her hair - and there was much taking the piss and saying she should use it as hair gel like in there's something about mary. Oh what a glamorous job I have!!

  • gemgems i don't know how somebody could stand infront of their vet and do that to their dog! I'd be mortified! And if the dog never ejaculated would you be concerned that you weren't very good?!! Sorry that's just wrong of me, but i can't get over that! Oh the things you have to do for your animals ey!
  • And if the dog never ejaculated would you be concerned that you weren't very good?!!

    PMSL!!!!! well we haven't had that problem yet. Isn't someone being good at it more of a worry?!
  • Love how this turned out :lol: :lol: :lol:
    All i can think about is the look an my dogs face image

    gems x
  • OMG poppy83 that story is hilarious!!!
    Thanks for all the advice girls. It really made me giggle.
    Well... we managed to bd last night our usual way but it was painful. I've suffered so much for it today and had to go back to see Dr. He told me to keep on with antibiotics (ttc friendly ones) and if no improvement by tuesday to go back. Was just doing a wee (sorry tmi) and when i wiped there was blood and stuff. OH ran me a bath and i've soaked for half hour and it feels a lot better up to now. Not risking a bd tonight but hoping i will be ready for action tomorrow as my peak is just around the corner. xxx
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