Hi all i'm new

Hi everyone,i'm gemma 25 , i have a little girl who is 5, My dh and i are planning on ttc again, My friend told me about this website so thought i would join would love to meet some new people on my ttc journey
Gemma x


  • Hi Gem

    Welcome to the forum, all the ladies are lovely here. When are you planning on ttc?

    V xxx
  • G/C image

    Think i am your friend image image image

    gems x
  • Hi Gem, welcome....I am a newbie also xxx
  • Hi we should be ttc in the next few weeks, started my vitamins and my husband is taking some zinc.
    Hi to the other newbie hope your stay is short here and you get in a due in forum soon xx

    Yes gems you are my friend lol image


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  • hi there. Im new also. We are in our third month trying to conceive.
    Good luck x x
  • welcome newbies, come on in!! Everyone really friendly on here - loads of great advice too for folk like me who are really quite clueless x x
  • hiya and welcome, image good luck ttc xxxx
  • Hi huni welcome to the site and good luck ttc hope you get your bfp soon image
  • hi guys, I am new to this but i wondered whether anyone had any advice. My hubby and i are TTC and i came off the pill about 3 months ago. as yet i have not had a period - i have read numerous articles on the fact it takes a while for the cycles to start again but i am getting a bit impatient! i have in the time since coming off done a few pregnancy tests but all are negative. did any of you come off the pill and how long did it take to get back to 'normal'?? any support would be welcomed!! :\)
  • welcome to the board image

    im a newbie to, first month ttc. nice to share experiences with others in the same situation.

    Ladies on here r fab and lots of good advice

  • great - is def good to have some other ladies who are going thru the same to chat to x
  • Welcome hun and hope you get a BFP soon

  • Hiya Gem, welcome to the site! good luck ttc xxxxx
  • I'm a newbie too...hi Gem! image x
  • Thank you for all your replies i havent been on here so didn't realise i had any...Sorry xx I'm now waiting for af to arrive so once thats gone and done with we will hopefully be trying for a baby eeekkkk so excited!! We've had a few months off because it was getting us down not getting a bfp but feel ready to start ttc again:\), Hope everyone is doing ok, Gem :\) xx
  • Hi Gem,
    Welcome & hope AF shows soon for you so you can begin ttc. x
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