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boy or girl 8 TTC girls, 4 TTC boys, 5 TTC twins!



  • I would love a little girl, so I could have the relationship with my daughter that I have never had with my own Mum. I would also like to take her horse riding, and DP says there is no way his son is going to go horse riding!!! However I don't really care, long as I have a healthy baby!!

    DP would like a boy first, then a girl next, so his daughter has a big brother to look after her! He asked me the other day if there was any history of twins in the family. When I told him my Dad had twins, who sadly died, with his first wife his chin hit the floor!! He doesn't want 2 at the same time!!! xx
  • iv got 3 girls so would love a boy. xx
  • After having 5 boys a girl would be lovely ,even if it is just to have someone on my side !lol. And to talk about other things other then computer games,cars and footie!! image x
  • When I was pregnant with my dd, I honestly didn't care, but if I had been pushed into or able to choose, I'd have chosen a boy (probably because we ideally want two babies and an older protective brother seems like a nice thing). However, when my dd appeared, it felt perfect and as if that's what I'd wanted all along!!
    Before having my dd, I'd also have said that we'd want one of each sex, but now looking forward to baby 2 (albeit I still really don't care either way), I'd probably choose a girl given the chance, but now I'm sure that whatever comes out in the end will be perfect.
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