...i think thats the first time i've EVER said that! HAHA!
i came off pill at end of nov and had withdrawal bleed - but nothing since. 2 preg tests show BFN, so just want her out of the way so i can start again!
bought some superdrug ov tests and some boots sasmar (like pre seed) so gots lots of PMA for next try, but just need AF to get outta the way first!

So annoying! rant over! x


  • you know hun i know exactly how you feel, i felt the exact same last month i knew she was on her way and was desperate to get started on smep.lol.

    hope she turns up soon for you but then again remember that it aint over till af arrives.lol.xxxxxxxxx
  • good thinking angel100!!!
  • Me too!! Same as you, came off pill, had withdrawal bleed, then nothing!! On CD35 now, and the wait continues...
  • Me too!!!! Have had one proper AF since coming off the pill (that was CD42!) and I'm still waiting for the second, I'm now on CD80!!!!!!!!!! It's driving me absolutely crazy, I just want to get down to ttc!! I've done lots of PG tests and always get BFN. Going to the doc on Thursday to hopefully have some tests xx
  • Me too!!!! Came off at the start of Nov and had withdrawal bleed and nothing since so counting the days sin the start of withdrawal bleed I an CD57!!!! Cant stand it much longer.
    I have started taking Angus Castus today(2 tablets twice a day) after people recommending it on here so we will see.
    I just want to get started.

    HappyMrsS: Is this your first Docs appointment.Will you keep us updated with what they say or recommend? I may book myself in soon.

  • sorry double post!!:\)

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  • hi mrs mel - can i ask what agnus castus is and where you get it from?

    and yes, i second that - happymrss - please update us! i hope i dont have to go, but would be useful to know if they can help xx
  • I got it from Holland and Barrets. It was about ??4 for 100 tablets. Its a herb extract that is meant to "help regulate your periods". It actually says on the bottle it is " a dried fruit".I have read quite a bit about it on here. MIxed reviews from periods coming the next day to nothing really happening but I have had enough of no period and so though might as well give it a go!
    I am desperate for AF it seems to be all I think about which I know wont help AF come anyway. Its a vicious cycle.
    I will let you know if the ANgus does anything!

    Can you use the Ov sticks if you have not had a period. If so I will get some!
  • thanks for that! if you could keep us updated, that'd be great - as i'd like to know.
    not sure if i OV'd last month, so a bit worried that making my AF come, will mean i might not OV next month!
    i'm not using the OV sticks yet, they are in preparation for after AF! whenever that is!

    lol she is 2 flipping weeks late i have been on the 4ww :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Witch come get me image image image image


  • Yes I'll let you all know after Thursday! I'm a complete worrier so when I still hadn't got my 2nd AF after 8 weeks I went to the dr. She asked a few questions and then just said that it's most likely that my body's just taking time to get used to being off the pill and not to worry about it (easier said than done!!). She said that if I still hadn't got my AF in the new year and I was worried then to go back and she'd arrange for some blood tests etc....so I am! Taking hubby with me this time for moral support. I know I shouldn't but I've been reading all kinds of things on the internet and getting myself in such a state so I just want to know either way. At least if there's nothing wrong then I can relax and that might help things along and if there is something wrong then I can hopefully sort it out sooner rather than later. I've been doing ov tests every day to try and find out if I ovulate but it's so confusing because I always get two lines (they're the cheapy ones from the internet) but sometimes the line is so faint you can hardly see it and then I'm convinced other times it's darker but never as dark as the test line! I've got a clear blue fertility monitor ready for when my AF eventually decides to turn up and I just want to start using it!!!
  • HappyMrsS: so when the Doc said come back in New Year how many weeks without AF are you now (when going to the Docs?)
    I think I will try some ovulation sticks.Which shops can I get them from? DO normal chemists do them? Supermarkets?
  • Hi MrsMel. It was 11 weeks yesterday, so nearly 3 months (I did have what I thought was the start of AF 7 weeks a go but it came and went in one evening whereas the first one was a normal 5 day period). The doctor said it was perfectly normal for it to take up to 6 months to get AF after coming off the pill - but I don't get why I had a first one and then no more. I was chatting to someone on here a while a go about it and she had had the same problem but her dr did some tests after 2 months and they all came back perfectly fine.
    Apparently some people do still ovulate without having AF so that's why I've been doing the sticks just in case and to check whether AF is on it's way. I'm still none the wiser really though!!!
    You can buy ovulation sticks in Superdrug, Boots, Tesco etc but they're much much cheaper online.
  • LivvyS; update. I have taken the angus castus for two days now (two tablets twice a dayday) and AF has just arrived. My first cycle after stopping the pill was sixty days!
  • aw, thanks mrs mel! think i will pop out and get some (when i can get out of the house....snow!) do you think you will take then for the next month, to ensure af comes next month?
    i think i will take then, have AF (hopefully) and then start OV tests - i use superdrug.
  • Hi ladies. Well I've just got back from the doctors and she was very nice and understanding. She still thinks that it's just the pill that has confused my body and says she's sure it's nothing to worry about but she arranged for some tests to put my mind at rest. So I had a blood test for 5 different things (I'm not sure what they were all for but a couple were for hormones) and I'll get the results in 5 working days - so hopefully I'll know by the end of next week. The dr is also going to book me in for a scan at the hospital, I've got to wait for a letter telling me when my appointment will be. And then the last test to be done is another blood test to see if I'm ovulating, so I have to have that 10 days after AF eventually turns up. And then I'll know whether everything is in working order!
    So that's my update and I'd say to anyone who is worried about long cycles or AF missing then to go to the dr because it will put your mind at rest and stop you having weeks of worry!
    MrsMel that's great that AF turned up and if it was the agnus castus that did it then that's amazing! I think I'll wait until I get my test and scan results back and if they're all ok but AF still hasn't arrived I'll give it a try. Let me know how you get on LivvyS!
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