Ov question - please help!


I'm currently trying to get pg again after two mc and we've had a bit of a break from ttc so my body can get back to normal, but my cycle is usually 35 days and on cd 14 i started to bleed very heavily (for me) and it lasted 5 days. Its now cd 30 and there is no sign of Ov. I'm using the Digital opk and am just not getting my smiley face!

So i dont know if i had two actual cycles within 14 days or if the second bleed was just my body 'having a blip'.

Has anyone else had an irregular bleed? Also, even tho the opk is negative, could i actually have still ov'd but it just not been detected by opk?

Please help - i don't add threads very often, but i really enjoy seeing all of you getting your + results and am routing for you all who are still trying!




  • Hi Nat,
    sorry to hear about your mcs.Didn't want to r&r but I dont know. It sounds like a random af as it was heavy and lasted so long. I hope someone will be along with more advice. Good luck, Helen.x
  • Are you monitoring your cm? It's difficult to know if you've ov'd. I didn't get a + ov test a couple of cycles ago, so never know to this day whether I ov'd or not. My af came 27 days later. It is possible to miss ov and still have your af. I am now monitoring my cm so that I don't need to rely on the opks, even though I am still using them.
  • Hi Helen - thanks for your support.....you'd think after my total of 5 pregnancys (2 boys and 3 mc but 2 in the last 6 months) i'd know all about this stuff!

    Thanks also sevans - i'm only just reading up on how and what your cm should be like. I had a little yesterday (sorry tmi) but nothing like the ewcm that it should be. I had a full health scan last week and the nurse said that my ovaries felt small (which is supposed to be right), and that my womb was well positioned (!) and that my cervix was low - although i thought that meant that my af would be due but its not here yet. The nurse also said that a low cervix meant it was fertile time, yet i thought it meant the opposite!

    Thanks and any more help is greatly appreciated

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