how long did it take u 2 get pregnant with ur 1st?

im 21 and been trying 4 6months 2 get pregnant. just wondering if thats 'normal' for your first time ttc.
also read on some of the other boards about sperm tests, can your oh have this if u haven't been trying 4 a year? doc said u need 2b trying 4 over a year before they send u 4 any sperm/fertilty tests?

thank you!!11


  • hi iwantababy im was very lucky to get pregnant in the first month i know alot of girls on here have been trying for a year or more i think 6 months is perfectly normal and i wouldn't worry at all just try to relax annd have fun with ttc (very hard i know) and no the doctors wont send u for any tests until u have been trying for a year without success im afraid keep with it u will get ur baby when the time is right lots of baby dust to you
    Jo xxxx
  • Hi, I've been 'trying' since end of August, so about 6 months too, although I've only had 4 'real' periods since then as I came off the pill so i suppose it's really month 5 for me. Trying not to get worried but you know how it is.

  • Hi - With my first, I got pregnant on the 6th month... We are now on month 3 ttc our 2nd....

    Good luck...
  • Took me 15 mths with first baby. However we didn't really bd regularly and never really knew about Ov and stuff like i do now.
    I think that 90% of couples fall within a year and 75% within 6 months so all is not lost.
    You can but fertlity tests in boots for both of you(and on special offer at moment) but not sure how accurate they are.
    Good luck and keep your PMA!
    Filo x
  • Hi

    I was 22 when TTC my little boy, it took 3 months for us. I'm now on month 2 TTC our second. I was lucky to get PG so quickly, i thought it would take 6 - 12 months so i think that seems normal.

    Good luck xx
  • We have been trying for our ist for 10 months and still no joy Xx
  • Hi still trying for my first on month 11. Goodluck xxx
  • hi mine mirrors filo - took 15 months last time but didnt bd reg or know about ov as i wasnt a member of this site lol!!!! but it took 12 months for body to get reg after pill then 3 months of 30 days to fall pg. in month 3 cycle 2 of ttc no 2 my son is 10 months old xxx
  • Hi, I conceived my first while on the pill and had mmc then fell again on the pill and had my son. Into month 2 now and not a whisper.
    Give it a little while longer before you get worried about sperm counts and the like. Perhaps your trying too hard and getting too stressed out, in the words of Mika " Relax, Take it ea easy"
  • Hiya, we've been trying for 5 months (just onto my 4th cycle as i have long cycles). xx
  • I have just got BFP and its taken me 2 months -i think im really lucky!
  • With my 1st i was on the pill and got pg and wasnt having reg sex tbh, with 2nd it was 1st ttc 3 now and in month 12....had a mc in dec and had been ttc for 8months then....everyones different i think, im 25 now xxxx
  • Got my BFP yesterday - day 49 of first cycle off pill.
    I don't just think I'm lucky - I think it was a bloomin miracle as I was convinced I had PCOS!!
    I held my legs in the air for 30 mins after bd which I'm convinced helped (hubby just thinks I'm nuts!)

    Have you been charting BBT/CM to see when/whether you ov??

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