Back to the Fetility Clinic

Hi as some of you know we have been really struggling with ttc. Im going back to the fertility clinic tomorrow for my cycle day 2 blood - yeah the wicked witch is here - again!! I have to get my prolactin levels checked because they have been too high and this has been stopping me from ovulating. They think it might be on its way down - but not enough for me to actually ovulate ?image I wish they would just put me on Clomid NOW so that we can really have a chance this cycle - but I have to have my blood monitored until 27th August! I think its because they think my hormones might sort themselves out and they dont want to start me on it in case everything is fine really. I guess this is good really but We just want to get down to the real ttc. At the moment even if we bd there's no chance of conceiving.
All those years of 'being careful' and now we cant even get preggers!

Bring on August 27th!!! Never know might get a late Spring baby next year - hopefully!! I always wanted a spring baby - you get the whole summer with them and get to be preggers in yer jumper during winter so u can hide the bump under big comfy jumpers ahhh bliss


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