Big Brother

Come on now girls be honest who watched it?? i did not as it;s just been getting so silly and I did not want to watch more glamour girls going in to get their kit off, but I have seen them all in the news paper and on line this morning and they look normal.

I could be wrong though so who watched it?? I find it funny they have put mostly young people in there. I can feel it now I will be sucked in to watching it i bet you any money!!!

K xx


  • Refused to watch it as it's probably full of people trying to get their 15 mins of fame again!
    I'm off on holiday next week so thats my excuse for not getting sucked into it,there's no point as i won't be here!!
    Will not watch,will not watch .....!!
  • See i was just the same as you as I could not the fools that go in but then I saw them in the paper and they look ok and also they are not all mad or at least i don't think they are. I may just watch one tonight and see what they are like.........oh god this is how it starts!

    K xx
  • I watched it - I can't not! I have to say, I was VERY surprised at the people they have put in this year. They are all, fairly normal - shocking I know!

    There is a blind gentleman in there, which personally, I'm not sure how that will fair... but he was a lovely man, very sweet and quite funny.

    There are some gorgeous gals in there, big boobs and all, but all seem to have nice things about them.

    Couple of girls who might be the next 'Charley' - but again they appeared to have nice points.

    The first couple have gone in, but were told to pretend they're not together and instead pretend the man is with another girl!!!

    I loved it and can't wait for it to really start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I watched it and agree with Joo it was normal...
  • Thats why i am thinking about watching it as they did not look that bad in the pictures your right some very pretty girls this year I hate girls who know it though and show off it turns me right off them I hoe they wont be like that. I see they have put more fit girls in there though than the fit guys?

    k xx
  • i watched it! do so every year!

    that one girls that kept screaming was getting on my nerves already but i think its a great plot to get the couple to act as if there not!!! i think the girl is the jelous type and you could see she was raging!! lol!!!
  • i watched it and loved it drove my oh nuts cause he hates it told him only another 90 odd days left cant wait to c what happens with the pretend couple bb has got a few things lined up for them i think
  • I wasnt going to watch then failed to resist temptation and turned over just as audition bit right at start was on and I thought OMG and turned off and went to bed.BUT I have looked on web this morning and I agree they do look normal. I then(oh confession time as I said I wouldnt watch at all)have looked for live feed this morning but cant get it!!!!
    Makes me wonder how far we'll all be with our pregnancies by the time it ends!!!xx
  • who was screaming?? i never watched it so i am not sure who the nice ones are and who the nut jobs are?

    K xx
  • Reading this makes me feel like taking a small peak at it now !! Thanks girls lol!!!x
  • Most of them seemed more, dare I say, normal than other years though there were still a few loopers in there too. I cant remember her name but the girl who was a nursery nurse & came in towards the end, shes getting on my nerves already. Maybe she wont be as bad when things calm down but I'm not hoilding my breath!!!!

    I think its one of those things that you love to hate (or t least thats my excuse!!! lol) x
  • LOL well I am going to watch it tonight does anybody know when it;s on?

    k xx
  • I havent looked at the listings but isnt it usually on around 9pm xx
  • OK wicked thank you xxx
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