anyone on CD1?

as the title says??

i would loe some cycle buddies??


  • Hi there I am CD1 today........ not so straight forward though. I had a MMC on the 4th of Feb this year, baby was 10weeks 4 days. Since the MC I had very irregular bleeding and had to go on some tablets for 10 days. I finished the tablets on Friday and was told to expect AF about 2/3 days later, bang on time Af has arrived.

    So officially I am CD1, but I have no idea how my cycle will react to the past 3 months...... I am keeping everything crossed that I get 4/5 days of normal af and then nothing, so that I know it is all behind me and we can really start TTC again.....

    Anyway, you have a cycle buddy....... on a positive note I go on holiday next Tuesday (If we are allowed to fly!!!!!) and first night will be CD8, bang on for the SMEP, and if I return to my 30 day cycle I will OV whilst on holiday....... could it be fate for a holiday BFP?

    Hope we have a positive experience together, bring on the next 30 days!!!!!
  • Hello,

    I am back to CD1 today. Feeling all wobbly-legged and tired and I just want to eat, eat, eat image
  • CD1 for me too!
  • ooooooo brill girls! when are you planning on testing next month? feeling really motiated this month as its hubbys 21st birthday on the 28th may so thinking it would be the best prezzie ever! xxxx
  • Hi I'm CD1 too! hiya again Bublicious! still same day as me then!!!

    Cool more cycle buddies!!!
  • Hey Jennifuree, can't believe we're still in sync ... funny that image!

    I've been the the GP this morning as we have been trying now for more than 6 months and I'm over 35 and I have to go for blood tests soon.

    Hoping that I get my BFP soon and will therefore not need too much "investigating".

    Baby dust to all.
  • hey. i was cd1 yesterday too of our second month ttc. lets hope its a great month for BFPs. Jen
  • I've a good feeling for May babies. I'm CD3 now and all excited to get going with ttc! Can you tell it's month1 for us lol
  • Well so far so good, since all my nightmare stuff I seem to be having quite a light normal AF, CD2/3 today, nothing too heavy, actually quite light. Just keeping fingers crossed everything is ok after day 5, then we can look forward to BD'ing...... really hoping that we fall Pg again soon..... a 2011 baby would be lovely!!!!!

    Baby dust to you all........
  • cd 3 now for me too.- baby number 2. Hope its our month this time- ttc since dec. Nice to have some folk to follow along the days!! Hope you dont mind me crashing in!!

  • Im on cycle day one, I'm 31 on 31st May, my cycles are averaging 27 days so will prob be testing around about 16th may. I'm hoping for an early birthday present xx
  • It's our 2nd wedding anniversary on 24th and we were due baby 2 on 26th (lost him at 18 wks image ) so we're hoping he'll send us a wee bean...
    How sad is this? I went to Tesco earlier for some 'lady products' and they had an offer on- went to throw couple packs in but decided not just in case... hehe
  • Hi All, how have you all been doing? I'm still waiting for end of AF. We're using the CB fertility monitor so think I'll be poas from CD9 to identify when I'm ovulating. This waiting bit is only slightly more bearable than the 2ww image
  • Hi all, as you know this is my first AF since my MC and since coming off the tablets to sort out my irregular bleeding. Today I am CD6 and I have nothing, wore a pad last night to go to bed, nothing all night and then nothing at all this morning, I am over the moon as this means that I have had a normal AF, and have stopped bleeding right on time, this must mean that my body has sorted itself out and we can finally get back TTC...... what a relife, never thought that I would get to this stage.

    So today is CD6, following the SMEP, so we start BD'ing on Monday CD8 and I start with my CB OV tests on Wednesday........ the best thing is we go on holiday on Tuesday, so lots of relaxed BD'in for the next two weeks, what great timing!!!!!!!!

    Good luck all, will be back in touch around the 9th of May when we get home, just in time for some testing!!!!!!!
  • hi girls i am also on CD6 and af finished on thursday as expected! bought myself a persona monitor to help with the ovulating thing and i had a red light today which means that there is a chance of getting pregnant although i think i will get quite a few red lights this month as its the first time using it!

    our plan this month is to BD every other day as long as the light is red! I also have OPK's which i will also be using along side the persona! hopefully i will be able to narrow down exactly when im ovulating this month! xxxxx
  • I am CD1 and also use a cbfm to help me track ov! cycles are about 28days. Planning to test about the 22nd of may!
  • hi there cycle buddies, how is everyone? I finished AF on Friday, CD7 today. Cant wait to start BD'ing tomorrow CD8, and thne we are off to Lanzarote for 10 nights all inclusive 5* whoo hooo....... just in time to OV!!!!

    I am so excited, makes up for the awful three months I have had previously!!!!!!

    Baby dust to all, lets see how many BFP's we can get?
  • Have a lovely holiday and maybe all that relaxing will help! I am CD2 and so bored with waiting to get on with it!
  • A week or two in the sun sounds perfect place to BD! You'll be really relaxed too- have a great time image
    It's CD8 for me today af totally away now. I'm not doing the ov sticks or anything this month- it's our first month so plan to try take it as it comes for a few months but we'll se how long that lasts lol But will be BD as much as poss and will be checking CM.
    I'm so excited image
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