Starting TTC - OV, 2WW, cycles etc

Hi to all!

We are going to start TTC in a couple of weeks and I'm SOOO EXCITED!

I just have some questions. Here's my situation:

Came off Cerazette 1st July

Had first bleed from yesterday (16th Aug) - this is the first sign of any bleeding so I don't know if this is withdrawal or a 'real' period. It's as heavy as a real one but not too painful which is not like normal ('normal' being 1 year ago pre-Cerazette)

So my questions are:

What's the best way to know when to BD - is to to use OPKs, to BD in about 10-14 days time (based on a 28-day cycle) or to monitor CM?


How will I know when to test if my OV dates are unclear? I won't know if I've missed a period as I don't know my cycles ...

If any of you lovely ladies could tell me what you think that would be great image


  • Hi and welcome to the crazy ttc world!

    It depends on how in depth you want to go with it all whether you want to go with OPK's or just monitor your body. I temp (using fertility friend)and use OPK's, but i know some ladies would find it too stressful.

    For the first month, i would BD every other day, and if AF doesn't show up, then test in 4 or 5 weeks. If you catch it great, if not you'll know, with a bit more certainty, your cycle lengths and can go from there.

    If you're still unsure about anything, let us know.

    Good luck and babydust

  • Hi Hun, i stopped taking cerazette in May after taking it for a year and having no periods in all that time. I have first withdrawl bleed in june (was like a normal period just lasted full week where as they usually only lasted few days)
    then went on to have a 6week+ cycle. Got my bfp yesterday! i used the opks but ended up missing ov with them - they can be quite confusing. luckily i still caught the egg! if u can manage it i would just bd every other day and look out for the ewcm that u will get just before u ov.
    good luck.xx
  • I agree with Nic look out for the EWCM - it shows you that you are in your fertile window. CM should be dry, then lotiony/creamy, then wet, then egg White. It then does it all in reverse. I think you can get 1-5 days ewcm and I think the last day you see ewcm is your peak day. 15 days from then, if no af, you could test. I wouldn't work on a 28 day cycle as it isn't often like that. I am CD29 and on 4tg day of ewcm with no positive opk yet!?! Good luck.
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