Alcohol affecting swimmers??

Hi girls,

On CD1 today and hubs has suddenly got all serious about this TTC malarky (men!!). He c ame back from work with a whole load of info he had printed from the internet telling him what to eat to increase zinc etc in the body, was very sweet :lol:

Anyway, I am just wondering whether any of your OHs have given up/seriously reduced their alcohol intake and has this made a massive difference? He doesn't drink loads but does enjoy a few pints on a weekend. Wondering whether alcohol really does have a massive affect on his swimmers??

Thanks in advance

E x


  • we have both been trying to be sensible with alcohol and not drink much but then on sat we had a big night out for a few friends bday and we both overdid it a bit. I feel a bit guilty about it but then I think I've been good apart from that and one night while ttc can't be that bad\?? xx
  • Hey,

    I have also read it is not good for the swimmers... My OH Has cut down on the alcohol in the week during the week leading up to and of OV, still has a few on weekends. He also doesn't drink a lot but can easily get into the habit of having a can or two with tea so trying to stop that. He's got high blood pressure as well so hoping it will bring that down as doc wanting to put him on tablets for it...

    It's only the past few weeks he's been doing it though so not really noticed any difference but it can't hurt can it :\) xx
  • I keep nagging at my DH to cut down on the drinking, was only at weekend but now with all the crimbo frolics there's no chance of him slowing down until the ny! He's not a smoker though so hopefully they are still pretty healthy, if a little tipsy! Lol! x
  • Ha ha littlewolf that made me laugh!!

    Thanks for the help ladies, think he's going to cut down and see how that goes, if nothing happens then he's giving it up all together!!

    E x
  • Hey,

    DH has cut down to drinking strictly at weekends only and even then he is not going out on the lash etc.

    I read that what men do NOW affects their sperm in 4 weeks time - so drinking no booze this week would improve his swimmers from mid Jan onwards...

    Our doctor said alcohol isn't too bad for men unless they're drinking to excess almost daily...its smoking & heat that really does the damage xx

  • I bought a real scaremongering fertility book when we first started ttc and it says that you need to cut it out for three months to have an effect as sperm take three months to be made. This book also says that the chemicals used in dry cleaning and drinking from plastic bottles can stop you conceiving too......
  • I think they go over the top sometimes with all this stuff and personally, unless he's drinking heavily, the difference is probably minimal and stressing about it is probably worse than having a couple!
    I like it though that he's taking an active interest - what a sweetie! xx
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