Oh me oh my...

I never thought it would happen to me but it has - I'm still shaking!! We got a BFP! This was our third cycle and in the previous two months I had been feeling sick and convincing myself that I was only to end up with a BFN image

I have regular cycles - usually between 24-28 days but never more - and since we've been trying I have been exactly 26 days sooooo with today being my 26th day I was expecting AF to come along as usual especially when I swear I had the start of back ache yesterday.

I have had quite sore boobs now for about a week and a half - I have had sorer boobs with previous AF so that wasn't really an indicator.

But...we did do a few things different this time - BD'ing in the morning rather than at night-time around the most fertile period and making sure I put pillows under my butt for a while afterwards he he. Also, I cut out coffee almost completely (I only ever had one cup a day but reduced it to about 1 every other week and drank redbush instead) and stopped taking my allergy meds cos I read that they may not be suitable during pregnancy.

I'm so excited I want to tell everyone but I know I have to keep quiet until it's properly confirmed and we have the scan picture saying little peanut is healthy.

No drinking for me on my 30th in a couple of weeks' time!!! What an amazing birthday present - I couldn't have wished for anything better.

Good luck and babydust to all!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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