watching you me and dupree!!!
hubs at work and lo asleep in bed for now!!!

whats everyone elso up to??


  • just back from tesco to get a load of junk food!!

    im sitting with crisps, gonna have some pizza and chocolate too...oooh way,way bad!!

    Im thinking if AF is about to turn up i should get lots of nice things right now!!

    x x x
  • i am waiting on af too!!! on CD31 and just know she will be here any day now!!
    I made a cake and bought some custard and have been pigging out on that!!!lol oops

    i'm going to circuits on monday night so will work it off then!!! lol
  • Im bored to!

    I am the latop trying find something to amus myself!

    My hubby is oncall all w/e working 9am-10pm. Just ogt a call as I was typoing to say hes had a manic day and still loads jobsto do and wont be finishing until 11pm. I told him he will be a daddy again in oct, but I want to do a digital CB test and show him when he gets in image

    Im tired and could do with an early night, I need to stay up to heat his dinner and make him his much needed cup of tea.

    My daughter has missed him, whenever a car has gone passed today shes gone 'daddy?;. So cute.

    I used to find that i was very peckish for chocolate once af arrived...
  • oooo here we are again Mrs JC lol Im just 'surfing' the net while other half plays fifa how boring!!

    Joey congrats on the BFP, what CD was you on? I wanna test but its toooo early!! xxx
  • Have just finished my planning for next week and am trying to catch up on threads! What a way to spend my Saturday night doing lesson planning lol! xxxx
  • I'm watching last night's "Embarrassing Bodies" and cringing with my hands over my eyes for most of it xx
  • you can guarantee i'll be on here fri and sat nights after 9 ish!!! lol!!

    i have you me and dupree on but i've not really watched it!!

    congrats on the BFP Joey08 i soooooo cannot wait to get my BFP!!!

  • Aw bless ya, well sorry its been short but sweet but have another 8am start tommorow so should probably get to bed! Speak soon xxx
  • me too AGAIN!!

    i just found a burger in the bottom of the freezer and got so excited... so hungry.

    hubbie is getting me choc on way home from his late shift. yuuuum.
  • duplicate post.

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  • ihave been looking through the other rooms!! i'm so nosey!!! lol
    i love to look at bump pics though!!!

  • LOL I've done that too - I've been all the way thru the bumps thread and another one of babies at birth and then recently xx
  • aw thats so cute about going Daddy?

    Hehehe, ive been going through the Baby Stories too!!

    x x x
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