Faint line on OV stick?!

Hi I'm using ov sticks for the first time this month. Just cheapie ones from ebay.

Going by my 27/28 day cycle I was supposed to start testing on friday, which I did, no line but BD'd anyway. On sat i didn't get chance to test as was out all day then at a bbq in evening, no BD either. Yesterday I tested again and no line at all again but BD'd anyway! I've just tested and there is a very very faint line,,, could this mean ovulation could be on the way? I'm just panicking that because I didn't test on sat I might have missed it altogether as didn't BD that day either :\?

According to ovualation calenders I'm due to ovulate on wednesday, so i should be really fertile now?? But no line / a faint line contradicts that surely?

Arrrghhh I'm confusing myself...! Sorry for the ramble...


  • These ovk are very confusing arnt they? I used the cheapy ones this month and this is what happened, on cd15 and 16 i got a faint line then on cd17 it was much darker but not as strong as the control line (i also tested late evening and it was still there but still not as dark as the control line) but when i tested on cd18 the line was barely visable, so the dark line must have been positive for me, my temp also went up on cd18. Just wanted to let you know as i was expecting to see a really strong line on cd18 because the instructions say its negative unless the test line is as stronge or stronger than the control line!! Keep bd anyway. xxx
  • hello,i had 3 faint lines on cd11,12,13,it never got darker than the control line on cd11 i made sure we bd for the next 4 days and it seemed to work,got a bfp,so its looking good for you

  • oooh thanks ladies for your positive feedback yesterday, must have worked cos just done an ov stick and the line is def darker than the control line!!! I hope I'm not being hasty cos it prob is a bit early in the day to test but i hope this means ovulation...! x


  • Thats great news hun, now get bd! lol. xxx
  • tee hee debbie already took care of that this morning!!!! Lol TMI maybe....! x
  • LOL, you go girl!! lol. xxxx
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