Ooooh I know I am selfish but...........

My sister-in-law has just found out she is pregnant, and I am over the moon, will be brill. However (she says with a naughty grin) - I want all the attention to myself haha, so when AF came this month was a little glad, be happy if they a few months apart but she only gave her news 2 days ago and not only would I be ruining her parade but mine too.

It is awful not even preggers and already have it planned in my head how I am going to tell the special people in my life silly.........

p.s I am really happy for my brother and SIL as I love them dearly xxx


  • You are not being silly - we have probably all imagined how to tell people etc!! I would love to be able to tell people at xmas - give the aunties and grandparents a framed picture with the scan in to open and watch their faces - lol xx

    I think it is only right you want the attention to yourself when it happens - it is an amazing and special time!

    Good luck and hope it happens when you want it to xx
  • haha i too want to give everyone a scan as a picture - wanted to give my dad one on his bday saying 'cant wait to meet you next year' haha
  • exactly - how bizarre we both want to do it similar! I really want to get those frames that say 'auntie' etc on them! It would be soo cool xx
  • thats nothing.... i have picked ALL the nursury furniture already !!! lol !!! if dp new he would think i was a rite wierdo
  • lol, that was similar to my plan too..wanted to get one of those frames that say 'to a special grandma and grandad' with a scan pic in. i have thought of all kinds of different ways of telling people....and only in first month of ttc
  • haha I literally took a running leap at the pc earlier as I was looking at maternity work clothes - OH would not be impressed, I told him he couldnt look as it was his birthday present, phew - this website is a great release from frightening the poor fella away!
  • tell me about it - my OH is not the talkative type and would think I had lost it if he knew I was on here so much!! He doesn't want to think too much about it in case something goes wrong or it takes a long time - bless him xx
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