wish me luck for tomorrow!

afternoon ladies,

soooo, i am due AF tomorrow and if my temps arent down when i get up, i am going to test! eeep! very exciting. trying SO hard not to get my hopes up, as i HATE seeing AF and BFN! but gotta feel positive!

i am in bed at the mo, 'working' from home as i have a really bad cold/chest infection/sinusitis thing. not nice, esp. considering i cant take nurofen or lemsip! booo!

hope you are all ok, is anyone else testing tomorrow?!!



  • Good luck hun! Hope you see a BFP!!!

  • Hi Munk - really hoping you get to see your BFP tomorrow, what test will you be using? Hope you get better soon xx
  • thanks ladies, fingers tightly crossed!!!! i am using SD test. just got this feeling this month. been SO dizzy the last few days, but cant tell if its down to my ilness or not! will soon find out! xx
  • Good luck for tomorrow huni. Keep us updated!! Hope you feel better soon aswell.
    Luv clare
  • Good luck hun,
    Can i ask why you can't take nurofen or lemsip? Sorry to be incredibly nosy.
  • hi wispa - its me being overly cautious - INCASE i'm pg, as you cant take it if you are! better to be safe than sorry! xx
  • Really?! Wow, there's so many things you're not allowed when pregnant aren't there?! Well, def hope you get BFP to make the feeling rubbish worth it.
    Fingers crossed x
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