pregnancy symptoms?

hi ladies,
can any one tell me most of the early pregnancy symptoms as i dont know all of them. also i have a cnstant slight cramping in lower tum, what is this? could thid be pg or coming off the pill pains. I have it all he time, not painful though. had it for about a week x


  • Hi, here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head...missed af, headache, cramping/stretching in abdo, nausea and/or vomiting, tiredness, sore boobs.

    It could be either I think. I came off the pill end of March, and each month I seem to get another symptom I have never had before! On my first 2ww after first natural af, I had af types pains. I've had twinges, and all sorts!

    Where are you in your cycle? Oh and welcome! xx
  • im not due af untill 10th july yet im having the exact cramps you described...they are not painfull but slightly uncomfortable...and iv never had them before, they are really low down and im clinging to the hope that its a sign!!!
    there are lots of preg signs but in all truthfullness the only sure sign is a BFP! as the majority of preg signs can also be interprited as period signs too?!?!?1
    confusing i kno! xxx
  • thanks ladies. not really sre how long me cycle is but if i go by 28 days then as should arrive aroung the 6th so not long. but i bled in between so really dont know where i am. i hope it pg signs but i think iv had them bafore when i come off the pill. i was only back on it for 3 quarters of a month though. thanx again, will let you know. x x x
  • Hi Catey. Everyone is different, some get no symptoms at all. Some experience them from really early after ov. (Example the lovely Saint Bertie (Mrs Takers!) *wink to SB*

    I'd leave it as long as you can bear to test, I didn't get a chance this month as af showed. But you need to allow the hCG to buld up. xx
  • i would wait too. im due to come on on the 6th ish, but im going to wait untill a couple of days after that. i want to test now but i dont want to be dissapointed. good luck x x x x
  • wannabe a mummy - the month i got my bfp i had increased cm, lower crampy type pains, sore boobs and a metallic taste in my mouth. i was also very tired.

    good luck for when you test! xx
  • thanks mrs e. i still have cm but not alot and havnt had a metalic taste. felt very sick earlier almost to point where could throw up but hubby felt like that too so prob something in the water x hope not x
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