Hi All,

It's been a week or so since I've bene on here, I can see quite a few BFP's have been announced while I've been away so congratulations to all!!!

Well, the witch found me last weekend, so am out for May! :cry:

It has got me thinking though......I don't know if I;m being really silly to think this with the symptoms I have, but I think I might have PCOS. The symptoms I have are: weight gain (2stone since coming of the pill in dec!!!), difficulty losing weight (half a pound in 3 weks of religiously following WW!), irregularish periods (not massively irregular, varies between 29-38 days), EXTREMELY light periods lasting about a day (I know PCOS sufferers normally have heavy periods), a LOT of pain throughout the month in my lower abdomen that sometimes is so bad i'm doubled over.

I'm prob being silly and now looking for a reason why I'm not pregnant, but just wanted to ask the question to see if anyone else had had PCOS and had very light periods, and if you think a doc would see me with these symptoms after 5 and ha;f months TTC??

Sorry for the long post!

Clare x


  • I suffered from extremely painful but fairly light AF whilst under a gynae, and when I mentioned it the first things he did was get me tested for PCOS and endometrosis as he said it was symptoms of both!! As it turned out I thankfully had neither and was diagnosed with dysmenhorrea (extremely painful AF) and given medication to take to ease the pain, which has helped but certainly not gotten rid of the pain!!

    I would defintely speak to docs and mention your worries, but push for it if you get nowehere. I mentioned to my docs and they said I would know if I had PCOS as it was painful, and I told them It was!! Only gynae took me seriously!!

    At least then you can get checked out and know one way or the other and will know how to deal with it!! it may be worth asking to be checked for endometriosis at the same time (although this is not the most pleasant thing!).
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