All those Ovulating over the 'Bonk' Holiday Weekend!!

Well..... how are we all feeling? Full of PMA?
Its my first month ttc since coming off the pill. I am on CD15 today and we have been BDin every day for past 3. i'm not using any monitors or checking for EWCM (I'm not really sure how to TBH!) etc so I'm not sure if I have actually ovulated. anyway planning to keep BDing regularly (DH thinks this ttc lark is great!!) in case it's late.
Anyway hope you all had a good weekendimage, good luck for the 2WW
Mobo xx


  • Good luck Mobo09, i hope all that bd has done the trick! xx
  • Good luck Mobo, hope you get that bfp!xx
  • Hi Mobo09

    Am in second month of ttc after coming off the pill and think I am on cd18 now and ov'ed on Saturday and have been bding on the 'bonk' holiday weekend (great name :lol: )

    PMA is not too bad at the moment but am trying to get too stressed about it all - not as easy as I thought it would be before started ttc :lol: :lol:

    Let us know how you get on after our 2ww image
  • Hi there. I was due to ov over the bonk holiday weekend too. Managed to bd on Friday night but then fell ill - sickness and diorhhea so didn't manage it again. Feel really sad cos had massive amounts of PMA for this month and it was our 12th month ttc. Feel like I've let both me and DH down......PMA has flown away.........
  • Mrs Hopeful the exact same thing happened both me & dh last month!!

    I'm on cd18 & think I ov on cd16 so I suppose all we can do is keep our fingers crossed now!!!

    Good luck & lots of babydust to everyone xx
  • Hiya, Im on cd17 and we've been bding pretty much every other day for the last week! My hubby things this ttc business is fab too, he keeps asking if Im ovulating lol! Sayin that though he fell asleep last night grrrrr. Luckily I think Im ovulating today so def going to bd tonight and tomorrow. This 2ww is going to be soooo long
  • Mrs Hopeful - poor you, I hope you are feeling better now, fingers crossed anyway - sperm can survive for up to 5 days!
    MrsRoss/ Hilary and Fran - good to have some 2WW buddies - keep us updated with how you are getting on.
    Mobo xx
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