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Just wanting to know if you tested this morning and what the outcome is???

I am still waiting for AF but I have vowed not to test until next week (Monday)


  • Hi Sara,
    I tested this morning with superdrug test and it was a BFN. Still no sign of AF and still having the symptoms I have been having for about a week now - nausea, tiredness, funny tummy pains and bloating, moodiness. I also have backache today.
    Beginning to think I def can't be pregnant as surely it would be + by now! I am not testing now until sunday when I will be over a week late (if AF doesn't show up!). Will keep you informed... x
  • Hello!! This is soooo frustrating this BFN malarky!

    I keep thinking that there is no way possible that I am pregnant but I am getting symptoms aswell. Tiredness, dizzyness, mood swings, pains in my tummy but feel like AF should be on way.

    I'd just rather know either way!! I have never been late before, my periods are always regular so I don't get why I am 3 days late and keep getting BFN's.

    Hopefully we will find out this weekend
  • I know, and we didn't think for a second that we would get pg in the first month of ttc so it's not even like I was looking for symptoms, I just started feeling unwell and it went from there!

    Well let me know if you have any news, will keep my fingers crossed for you!x
  • I got preg first time round in my first month of TTC after coming off the pill, so there is a good chance we could be pg!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too hun!
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