hiya girlies...x


Oh and DS r on the wii, DD in the bath and dinner is cooking, so thought id just message and see how u all r and where we all r?? lol

im CD 15 2day and apparently im due 2 ovu 2day or 2moro but had bad pains fri and sat so i BD'd CD13 and CD15 and will again CD16 just 2 be sure im covered lol OH will be at his 4 few days after tht so wont hve much choice lol

hard 2 determine when u ovu aint it????

xx holly xx


  • hiya hols, yeah tell me about it! (ov) i was proper obssessed wth bding certain days and stuff, but i gave up after 4 months, it was so stresful! and i could never work out exacty when i had ov'd, didnt wanna fork ou for ov sticks or a cbfm, so decided just to chill and try bd everyother day. dunno what d im on, but i no af is ue on 25th, so time will tell i spos, otherwise onto month 6 image how many months have u guys been trying? hope we got lucky image hugs xxxxx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm cd14 today and have no idea when to expect ov. I've got a cbfm but it's my first month using it and i've been getting highs for 8 days now but still no peak?! And have no symptoms as of yet! We're attempting the bd every other day technique too.

    Except OH is working away tomorrow night so you just know i'll get my peak in the morning!

    I'm on my second cycle post mc so not that long for me yet really.

    Hope this is our month ladies!!
  • this is only 2nd mth ttc no3......took 6mths with dd, 3mths with ds but they got diff dads and so will this 1 so who knows aye lol depends on my OH spermies pmsl.....x
  • Well i watched the great sperm race last night and it scared me sh*tless. I'm never gonna get pregnant, poor spermies!

    Mind you, with my first pg i fell pg on the withdrawal method, Now i'm having full unprotected sex and no baby! Sods law eh?!
  • always the way hun, my m8 just fell by accident grrrrr ! and i just been told im gonna be a step-nan!!! lol im only 28!

    i got bad cramps so im guessing im ovulatin!! x
  • My God a step nan at 28!!

    Yeah i'd say it sounds like ov to me! Send me some ov dust because i'm sick of waiting now!
  • Yep!
    MY oh is 37 and his 18yr old just announced she's pregnant lol x
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