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First test positive (clear blue) others (tesco) negative?



  • Its such an odd situation i dont know what to you feel pregnant? i know that sounds stupid but you just get a feeling...
  • erm, i feel calm, the discharge doesnt smell.. (TMI sorry!) Hubby says i feel soft down there.. Im not sure. Maybe an odder taste in mouth, off eating or certain yummy foods, but not up for eating it! Off Tea (impossible! I though!)

    I dont want to think im pregnant in case im not. Just wish the doctors done more.!
  • yeah they sound terrible... i cant believe the service you are getting..not fair, i really feel for you. And i really dont understand why they dont take your blood, its pathetic. Can you not join another doctors? because they just sound like they cant be arsed!!
  • Its Colchester Primary trust!

    Ive never heard anything so stupid in my life! All that National Insurance for nothing,

    I cant change, have seen various people and no one is willing to help.

    They have offered blood tests at ??50... great!
  • Aww hun...what a bad situation. I know what your put so much money in to the government and get sod all bk!!

    Can you not get an emergency scan??
  • nope, tried that lol

    Ah well i suppose i have to wait for 12 weeks... or when i get AF... this is crazy! dont ever move to colcehster!
  • i dont plan to lol...there must be a way around it hun u cant wait 12 weeks for a scan thats just rediculous. grrr im angry!!!
  • Well ive told hubby there could be a change that we were pregnant and now not, but he is telling me not to say it.

    I might try a first response, aparently they have a low HCG count,

    I think a digital clear blue measured 50?
  • id try everything you can hun... and maybe first response would be the best thing for your, especially if your pregnancy hormone is low.... if you ever want to chat privately i have msn or a phone, i havent been in the situation but i know its prob easier to talk to someone who isnt attached and involved image x
  • your def pregnant hun, going off certain foods orr drinks is a def sign, i went off tea, coffee, diet coke and chocolate can you believe that. if your only 5 weeks it will be quite hard to get result sometimes, but doctor should def have done more for you. congratulations image xxx
  • Thanks image just clinging on o the hope, thanks for all the support xx
  • Anytime... Let me know the results of your first response test...fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi just been reading your post and wondered what happened? They have stopped doing pregnancy tests in my area too, no idea why? but the doctors said go to the chemist and get one. lol. cheek.
  • Hi LadyB14. I am in the same camp as trying and wondered what had happened? Really hope that yo uhave good news now but please share it with us if you have!!!! Best of luck to you and all who are ttc. love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
  • i recommend the pregnant or not pregnant clear blue tests..i took a clearblue plus test (wherre it gives you a plus or minus) n i got a faint plus, .then took 2 tesco ones n got faint lines again, then took a first response line test and the line was a lot darker..i was so sick of lines not knowing if they were evapouration lines i got 2 pack of digital clear blue with conception indicator ones and they came back both pregnant...there expensive but to the point image good luck
  • Hi hun

    Do you live in the UK, the doctors do still do blood tests and urine tests as I had a urine test sent off last friday and came back 25 m/lu however my doctor said i wasnt pregnant but i had lines on tests and since I have had AF so had a chem pregnancy.

    I hope this is it for you omg 9 years is a long time is that how long you have been trying? I will keep everything crossed for you hun

  • Haven't read the whole thread so sorry if someone's already mentioned it but a CBD tests for 50ml/U, which means your hcg level needs to be quite high, e.g you need to be at least at day AF is due or later. Hormone levels vary widely so there still may not have been enough hcg in your urine when you did the CBD. Try a Superdrug own brand test, they are very sensetive. Good luck hun xx
  • yeah have just noticed that where did it come from???

  • Hi girls, 

    I need some advise. Me and my fiancé are trying to conceive and have been since January. I took 2 sainsburys own tests the other day and a very very faint line appeared on both. I then did another 2 tests boots own and they were negative. I have appointment for blood test on Monday but can't wait this long. :) what are the chances of a clear blue digital being positive.? Should I buy one?

    Help me !!!

  • Hi Mercie - this thread is 7 years old but I didn't want to read and run.

    Its likely that the tests you took were evap lines - the sainsburys and blue lines are notorious for them. If other tests are showing negative then its unlikely you are PG and a digital would be a waste of money. (digitals aren't v sensitive) if you think you are PG then the best bet is to use a pink dye first response test as they are sensitive before a period is due - but they don't always work and more often than not a positive isn't shown until after missed period.

    Are you late on your period? are you tracking ovulation? the point between ovulation and period never changes so if you know when you ovulate it will be easier to know when your period is due or truly late.

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