Trying for a baby after birth control

Hi Girls... Im 23 years old and took my last birth control pill on the 12th June, i had my withdrawel bleed as normal and am not sure when i should expect my first period. My husband and i are activley trying and i am trying to take my BBT and checking my CM but finding it hard to read. I noticed on sunday that i was slightly spotting. Could this be my period on its way or a sign of ovulation?

We desperatly want a baby but do not have much luck with any thing else so feeling sceptical.

Any help or advice you can give me would be gratefully recieved!



  • hello steph - just wanted to welcome you and give you a sprinkling of babydust. you have nothing to say you can't have a baby so you stand as much chance as anyone - please stay positive hun! lots of PMA to you!!

    sorry i can't answer your question direct about spotting, as i came off the pill 2 years ago now and i can't remember wha ti experienced. i'm sure someone else will have an answer though - everyone is very friendly image

    good luck to you and i hope you get your BFP soon! xxxx
  • I am not sure about the spotting, but when you come off the pill it can take 6 mths to a year for your body and cycles to settle down so there is no definite time when your first AF (period) should arrive. My first 2 were 40 days and 48 days (in that order!). Were you regular before the pill? How long have you been taking it? I think the shorter amount of time you have been taking it - there is the possibility your body reverts back to normal quicker!

    CM - if you get one that looks like egg whites then that is a sign that ov is on it's way! the others types tend to change at different times of the month! It is definitely the EWCM that you should look for - when that arrives get BD!!
  • Welcome by the way xx As mrs-e said - you can have a baby and will when it is your time - keep up your PMA!
  • Thanks girls, so nice to know there are other people in the same boat that i can talk to and them not cringe at the word CM lol..

    I was on the pill for about 7 years for my skin. So long ago i cant remember what my periods were like before.

    Thanks for the baby dust image xx
  • Hi Steph
    I really wouldnt worry, I watched one of the countires leading fertility experts on TV not too long ago and she explained that immediately after coming off the pill your fertility can be really high and then after first month or so it drops down and then levels off to normal after around 6 months. Best advice is try to relax, concentrate on keeping yourself fit, healthy, cut out caffiene (and cigs if you smoke). My best mate came off pill after being on it for years and got pregnant first month, with twins!!
    Try to look out for the EWCM it will be about 10-15 days after 1st day of last period.
    About the spotting, have you ruled out being pregnant?, somtimes you get spotting at implantation stage which is about 10-12 days after conception, I did for both my pregnancies. I also remained in exactly the same pattern for my period as when I was on the pill.
    Well dont know if any of it helps, but good luck!
  • Don't forget though - EWCM will show 10-15days after AF 1st day - but only if you have regular 28 days cycle! It is usually around 10 - 14 days before next AF!

    We talk about all the really personal TMI stuff on here- don't worry! I was on pill for 10 years, was extremely irregular before - could go 6mths with no AF - and I have had 40 and 48 day cycle so far!! Pretty regular for me!
  • Hi steph, welcome to the site. xx
  • Hi Steph,

    Welcome! I just wanted to ask if it was Dianette you were on? I was on it for my skin (as well as contraception) too and had been for 9 years when I stopped it in January to start ttc. My cycles have all been different lengths since then (ranging from 25 to 31 days) but I feel lucky to have them back at all after some of the girls on here have waited months.

    Good luck ttc and I hope you fall quickly image x
  • Hello,
    I am in similar situation. I was on Dianette for skin and contrecepton and have just started TTC. I stopped the pill in April and had withdrwal bleed as normal. I then had another AF 2 weeks after, my last 2 cycles have now both been 28 days so am hoping am lucky to be back to normal. So this month we started officially TTC and AF is due this Saturday so fingers crossed. I was on Dianette for 8 years and when I came off it my first period was very heavy, I told myself it was my body having a good clear out!!

    Good luck with TTC x
  • Hi 2ZE, I was on dianetter for the majority of the years but end of last year i switch to Marvalon. Dianette was giving me serious mood swings... If i go straight back in to a 28 day cycle my AF will be due saturday as well, so fingers crossed!!! Are you going to do a test on Sat?

  • I came off the pill (microgynon) after 7 years or so, I had my withdrawal bleed then didnt get any symptoms off stopping just my period 29 days later, i used to have a 30 day cycle before so only one day change! Once u come off the pill your chances are the same as someone who hasnt had the pill, but apparently it can take up to a year for most people to concieve anyway!
    Good luck x
  • Hi Stephspear,
    I tested this morning and got a BFN I have just been feeling so awful and the test I had in the cupboard just had to be used! I feel stupid now for testing early and wish I had waited so I think I will wait until after saturday when BFP is officailly late!! Let me know how you get on, good luck xx
  • Morning 2ZE, So sorry to hear that. I also had a test sitting in the draw this morning so thought i would test and it was a BFN!!!! Really wished i waited until the weekend. Hopefully we both tested too early and thats the reason for it? Like everyone says, its not over til wicked AF arrives!! Still feel so disheartened though and not sure i can do this every month, setting myself up for disapointment. GOD i am miserable today, where is my PMA!!!!!

    Hope AF doesnt visit you sat!!
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