Another weird AF :\(


AF wasnt due until today but I started with brown spotting on thur afternoon, by sat morning I had really bad crampy feeling and felt very tearful that af was going to rear her ugly head any moment, sat afternoon when I wiped it was red blood then nothing again. Sunday I had a bit more bleeding but only used 2 tampons.

Yesterday hardly anything and today nothing, when i wipe theres pink tinged cm and I feel wet again *sorry tmi* like am still on af but when I go to the loo nothing there.

I have read on pregnancy that its possible to have a slightly heavier red implantation bleed, do you think this is possible for me or could my mind and body be playing tricks on me again :cry:

I havent tested because I cant bear the thought of a BFN its just too soul destroying and I have my ultrasound scan on fri which the docs have referred me for so wanted to see if they could see anything.

Although have read on the internet that the results go to the doctors and I dont think I will find out for another 2 months as have had month 1 bloods done and need them repeated again over the next 2 months to check for ov and progesterone levels.

Don't worry I am not confused again :lol: just bit fed up now just wish af would come do her business and then bog off instead of all this intermittent bleeding!!!

Doctor did say to me its possible to be pregnant and still get a light af every month so am bit freaked by that, my mum told me the other day when she was pregnant with my bro (her first) she didnt find out until she was 16 weeks gone as she had a period every month and she said I might be following suit!!

I guess you just dont know what is going on really, if it was my af then my boobs have been constantly sore every night for the past month, have had strange cm varying in colour, i burp for no reason and have to say pardon all the time, all the symptoms are there just no BFP :roll:

Do i wait and see what the scan is for on friday?? as doesnt say on the letter. If I have to wait until my next af is due to see if I get my period that wont be until 6-12 June and can't wait that long :lol:

SD x


  • What you're having is quite similar to what I have at the moment but I have only just come off the pill and think it's normal for that. I got a bfn on Friday. Have you come off pill recently (sorry I can't remember what you have said before)?? How regular have your cycles been? It might be worth doing a test just to set your mind at rest? Xx
  • Hello honey!

    I can relate to what you're saying and it's not nice, like you said; af should either come and show her ugly face or bog off - that way we'd no what was going on. I can't offer any advice, didn't want to r&r. Keeping everything crossed for you xx
  • Hi thanks for replying

    Came off pill end of June 2009 so been off it 11 months now af's were regular 35 days up until Nov when we started trying and came off protection.

    AF's have been getting longer 40-45 days and this month had a 38 day cycle so could be symptoms of coming off the pill but I dont know really. Sometimes it can take up to a year for the pill to leave your system.

    I am 16/17 dpo today so i could do a test but I have deliberately not bought any to avoid early testing!!!

    I might pop to superdrug tomorrow morning and get some tests its just if I knew it was a normal af then I wouldnt even test didnt look like or feel like a normal period.

    Also this is the first cycle I have ever experienced painful cramping since coming off the pill so thats what makes me think it could have been implantation because why all of a sudden would i get af pains when I havent had them

    Also am getting like a stitch like pain in my left boob like when i move or laigh!!

  • poor thing; why can't our bodies just behave themselves??! If you are going to dr's on Friday maybe it would be worth doing a test before just to put your mind at rest one way or the other?
  • Hi BroodyMrsC

    Am going for an ultrasound scan on fri morning doctors have referred me for one I assume its to look at my womb/ovaries etc or as I like to call it my oven!!! lmao

    Just wish there was something cooking!!

    Am starving too cant eat anything for 24hrs until have had these bloods done tomorrow!!

  • Good luck for friday Hun, hope you get some answers. X
  • Hi SD,

    Could it just be that your af's are lighter now hun? I am just wondering because mine are way lighter than they used to be-I always had heavy ones as a teenager but they have definatley got lighter as I have got older. Sometimes I have a heavier one, every few months. I also came off the pill in June 09 and mine have been really weird too- I used to have long cycles, they have never been the most regular even before I had kids but now they are extremely irregular and shorter-although I seem to ov super early with a long LP. Perhaps our bodies just go through weird changes, especially when we';ve been on the pill etc?

    Hope you get answers on Friday hun

  • Thanks CC yeah it possibly could be.

    Hi LW have got to fast hun because they are checking my blood sugar levels as part of the bloods the nurse rhymed off everything the doc has ticked and cant remember it all but it was liver, kidneys, blood sugar, hormones, full blood count etc.

    I was told not to eat anything after 9pm as going for blood test at 9.10 am in morning.

    Hope you are well xx
  • LW - what a dumb blonde I am I meant 12 hrs hun, I was famished too this morning when I woke up

    After my bloods I ate 4 choc chip cookies good job too as they took a few bottles and my arm was aching!!!

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