8days late and bpn

hey i was looking for some advice, i am 8days late have tried a cbd at 3ds late came up bpn and then tried fr at 5 days over, bery confused. when i had 1st preg i found out at 6wk 3days but was very faint line, so i dont no if my af is messed up this month. feeling tired, sore lower back and sick time to time but dont no if all is in head. i had cramps on right side last week but havent come to anything.

hope someone could advice me please:\?


  • Hi
    Not sure but didn't want to r+r.
    If you have had irregular cycles then it could be this but you say in your last pg that you didn't get BFP until 6 weeks late. SO if the same happened again you would probably need to wait a while to get positive.

    Perhaps you should wait a week and test again and then keep doing so until AF arrives or BFP. Fingers crossed one or the other will come soon so you know where you stand.
  • my cycle has been regular part from this month. ill wait another week and see what happens.
    thamks robin81 for the advice
  • Tink, welcome to the crazy world of TTC, I am 11 days late today and still no sign of AF, I did a test on the day Af was due and negative and then again at fives days late and still negative, I have not tested again since and now on CD46 and 11 days late and still no AF!!!!!!! I really want to test again but dont want to see another BFN!!!!! WIll see how long I can wait!!!! Hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Tink,
    In that case perhaps it is a shy BFP like you had last time and just needs another week to show.
    Good luck! x
  • thankx for the encouragement everyone going to make appointment with the docs for next week. still getting lower back pain xx
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