lubricant question

Do Zestica, pre seed etc, actually help you conceive or are they just the TTC alternative to normal lubricant?


  • I know that preseed is supposed to help you conceive as it provides the environment needed to help the swimmers get where they need to go! I did get my bfp this month with it but sadly it was a chem pg as I started to bleed today after getting 3 lots of bfp's and being 4 days late for af.
  • hey chick,they are there to help people who have a 'lack' of ewcm,its supposed to help assist the spermies nto reaching their goal,i have still used it tho preseed and zestica which i found the best one

    too much of tho can be a bad thing and drown the sperm making it harder to move,with the sprey zestica you dont really use too much tho

    some ladie swear it was what did it dor them so for ??10 suppose its worth a try eh xx
  • thanks for the replies, girls
    I get tons of EWCM so will probably give it a least this month, perhaps next month if nothing happens
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