2m of no internet, am back on! chem preg tho last month

Hi Ladies,

As it says i've been out of the loop for 2m as our wonderful broadband company took 2m to get us up and running after our move...joyful!
have really missed being on here, how sad am i lol

anyway, am on cd24 of a 32 day cycle, using cbfm, bbt, preseed, rude veg, copious amounts of grapefruit juice and now pineapple juice! think i'm on 5dpo but ff has me on 7dpo...

this is our 4m ttc for our 1st. last month i had a chemical pregnancy, totally gutted. i had an implantation bleed at 10dpo, tested with sd hpt on 11dpo with fmu and got faint bfp, same with a frer later that day, bfp's then from 11dpo-14dpo. started spotting 13dpo and full bleed at 14dpo , stopped testing after that (apart from a week later on dr's instructions, was still a faint bfp) - i will never test early again. And even worse i couldn't really come on here, sneaked on at lunch at work to ask for some advice but was v limited

Anyway, have gone for it again this month but not feeling overly positive, ah well. Bit out of the loop as to who's on here still and how many bfp's i've missed!

babydust to all xx


  • Hey hun,

    nice to see you! Sorry to hear about the chemical pg, it truly is hard isn't it?

    There's been quite a few BFP's and quite a few new ladies too (I took some time out so don't know many ppl on here anymore!)

  • Welcome back hun xx
    Definately no early poas for you this time! he he
    Youre definately not sad for missing this place. I'm just addicted! he he
    Good luck for this month and lots of sticky babydust xx
  • Hi hun, welcome back nice to see you still have your rude veg am hoping its still lucky for us that still have it!!

    Sorry to hear about your chem pregnancy at least your back online and in full swing for this month.

    Good luck hun, sending you some babydust xx
  • I've been having a quick nosey at a couple of the "due in" forums - so many bfps!!
    and loads of names i don't recognise on here either lol.
    rainbow - it was awful, was a total emotional rollercoaster and i was a bit of a mess for a couple of days, and then a bit of a mopey/snappy bugger for a week! it's horrid having no control over stopping it!
    Jay78 - def not!!! i have learnt my lesson! oh has been instructed to tackle me if he sees me with any hpt's before at least a couple of days late! xxx
  • SparklingDiamond - indeed! am still counting on the rude veg most of all! xxx
  • Hi Smudge Smith,

    I'm new so Hi and so sorry to hear about the chemical pg.

    I was just wondering what the significance of grapefruit and pineapple juice is?!?! xx
  • Hi there - not chatted to you before but just wanted to say sorry to hear about the chem pregnancy. It really is gutting, i know.

    Here's to a positive month for you and hopefully you'll get your bfp soon. Good luck xxxxx
  • thanks ladies!! nice to be back!
    BeckyWoo - grapefruit/juice is supposed to increase your cm before ovulation, so therefore more ewcm etc to help his little men (i've never got loads so used preseed last month which is when i got the bfp).
    Pineapple/Juice - supposed to help implantation. Due to the selenium in it - same with brazil nuts!

    lots of babydust everyone and pma for a lucky cycle! xxx
  • Thanks for the tips SmudgeSmith. Does it have to be fresh juice? xx
  • yeah i think so - and not from concentrate - i've got some from tesco and m&s. Or fresh fruit itself xxx
  • Is it freshly squeezed from Tesco or is it the "pressed" juice? Sorry for too many questions just can't seem to find any freshly squeezed pineapple juice anywhere! Got some pressed though! xx
  • can't remember, as long as it's fresh (i.e. in fridge) and not from concentrate xxx
  • Bought some pineapple slices this morning so fingers crossed it helps! Thanks for the tip xx
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