I've said this a million times before...........

why does af pains ahve to be the same as pregnancy signs??!!!!???????!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:

ive been getting slight af pains for about a week now, normally i get the pains day or 2 before.

i' ve felt inside (sorry tmi!!!) its quite wet.

want to test today but worried its too late in the day.

might test tomorrow morning.


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  • Fingers crossed for you discodiva, go poas hun hopefully it should show up possitive if you test 2day anyway!! Good luck & loads of baby dust sent you way.....
    Caz x x
  • thanks. glad your still hanging around so you can guide us over to the jan forum!!!!!!!!
  • I know it is so annoying. I swear my period pains have NEVER been as bad as they have been this month. My boobs have felt as though they have been beaten with base ball bats. We were convinced we had done it and guess what AF arrived yesterday morning!
  • im sorry. how long you been ttc socks? this is month 6 for us. i don't get sore boobs.
  • Only since end of March so we are still quite new at this. Got married end of March so decided to start straight away as you never know how long it takes but was not on the pill or anything. Its funny I didn't think I would be bothered but I was so disappointed. I do not normally get boobs this bad and my back has been killing me too. I have had period pains for about 2 weeks now normally I just get them a few days before.

    Fingers crossed for both of use next month. 6 months, hope you get your BFP soon x
  • thanks. ive got 2 tests upstairs. doing really well not testing. might test in the morning!!! hope your bfp comes soon to!!!
  • good luck discodiva, I would try to wait until wednesday, i know its difficult, this is our 6month and i still poas too early most months! x
  • its hard not too!!!! when you due to test?
  • never, i tested on wed far too early but thought i was getting pg symptoms and very bored but BFN. my cycles are very irregular between 25 days and 43. Im on cd 28 today so im just waiting for af to arrive. tbh i find it difficult to cope with bfns and rather assume im not pg this month.
    What I try to do is take my mind off poas in the mornings so im not tempted and wouldnt like to do it any other time of day anyway xx
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