Anyone else's......

OH get giddy at the thought of you with a bump but won't admit it?

My hubby has made a few comments (including one about my boobs getting bigger) but won't admit that he's excited at the thought :lol:

I think he's excited about trying but not wanting to get his hopes up 'just in case'.


  • my OH cant wait for us to get pregnant!! he said feeling the baby kick for the first time will be the best thing in the world!

    although hes not looking forward to the birth! iv been making him watch one born every minute and hes scared im gonna kill him lol

  • Mine usually needs to wait until closer to an event to get excited, so although he wants a baby, he's been quite level headed. Until I said I wanted to test in a few days and he broke out into the biggest grin and said we might have a little baby in there! x
  • awww thats so sweet! man eh lol

  • Glad it's not just mine then.

    Every time i want to watch one born every minute he asks if i'm trying to put him off lol
  • Mine has been desperate for a baby for 3 years, when I told him I was finally ready at xmas he was over the moon, he is amazing with our friends little ones, a lot better than me, he is being godfather to our friends little boy on sunday and he is so over the moon! X
  • awww how sweet,i love it when men are like that image

    my hubby kissed my belly every night when i was preg the first time,he was great at the birth and is a fantatic daddy...on the boob front after we had DS they went even more huge was honestly pg3/top shelf material but i would have knocked hm out if he touched them so so sore lol!!

    you all have a fantastic time ahead of you all when you all get your BFP's so cherrish the 9 months image x
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