Anyone in a similar situation?

Hi ladies

Just wondering of anyone out there is in the same boat as me and can give me some advice and hope!

i had surgery when i was 19 and have had one ovary, fallopian tube and a small part of my womb removed. docs say chances of conceiving are reduced although still good but we have been trying for about 18 months now with no luck.

We are on the verge of going for tests etc with the doctor but thought we would give it one more try before we do.

i just wanted to know if any of you with the same or similar 'issues' have had your bfp and if you done anything specific to get there?


  • Just tried to post this but BE ate it!

    When i was 17 i had a cyst the size of a melon removed off my ovary, long story that i won't go into but i'd had (excruciating) pains that they thought was appendicitis and when they went in they found this huge thing, it was growing on my ovary and my fallopian tube was all twisted. They had to remove part of my ovary, i think they said about half. About 2 years later the same thing happened on my left ovary, so i was then left with 2 halves. Since then i have had another big cyst on my ovary and the day i was meant to go for surgery they scanned me and it had magically disappeared! And then about 14 months ago i had keyhole surgery to remove a smaller cyst that showed no signs of going away on it's own. They don't know why they keep reappearing.
    I have PCOS and endometriosis. plus scar tissue and adhesions. Plus a history of 3 miscarriages, i never have had much in the luck dept!

    I got my bfp a couple of weeks ago, so it can happen. I'm still only early but i'm keeping my fingers crossed this is a sicky bean. I'm sure it will happen for you, good luck x
  • Congratulations on your BFP Poppy83! You must be delighted.

    Its good to know someone with similar problems has managed overcome them and succeed.

    Our stories seem very similar, it was a large cyst i had and it left behind scar tissue and adhersions too. They always told me that if you have one cyst especially of a certain size you are more suseptable to more but they can go away by themselves.

    Fingers crossed it wont be long til we get a BFP!

    Good luck and congrats again!

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