CM and Ov question

Hi all

Hope you are all well. I have got a question which I hope some one might be able to help me with.

Just been to the loo and wiped and noticed the smallest amount of strechy CM. The CM was clear - this is the EWCM that people talk about? Also does this mean I have OV or I am about too? This is the first month since January I have noticed any CM at all so fingers crossed.

Also DH is away on a stag weekend this week. We managed to bd on Monday evening and Thursday evening (we did try wednesday but I decided to be drier then ever down below and we couldn't manage it - sorry if tmi). If we manage tomorrow when DH is back (hopefully he will be in fit state) will we have chance to catch the eggy?



  • Hi Mrs Calopa

    Don't claim to be an expert on this but worked out when I thought I had ov'd last month by how much EWCM I had. When af turned up it worked out that I was one day out so I think it is a good sign. I had a bit before ov and then quite a lot (sorry tmi) on the day I ov'd.

    From reading on here I think that his sperm can last for awhile where as the egg doesn't have as long. If you bded on Thursday and can try to tomorrow too then I would say you have a chance to catch it but as I said quite new to this myself.

    Hope all goes well and let us know how you get on xxx
  • Thanks - it really is mind boggling!!

    Can't believe how excited about some CM
  • I know never thought I would talk about it so openly either :LOL:

  • Hi Mrs Calopa.

    I think the EWCM is indication that you are about to ov. The egg lasts a couple of days, if the sperm gets past the cervix it can survive for up to five.

    You could still catch that egg. Go for it! xx

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