Do pets "know" ??

This may seem a really strange question - but I'll explain why I'm asking.

Do pets know when you're pregnant - possibly even before you do??

I am on CD 13 and ov'd early (not unusual for me I can ov anywhere between CD11 & CD15) at CD11.

I already have 3 children - but didn't have pets when pregnant with them.

I have an 18 month old Ginger Tom. Adorable as he is, he's not really one for fussing over me - in fact the ONLY time I am deemed worthy of his attention is when I am feeding him and then I'll get a cursory rub of my leg whilst doing so...

Here's the explanation part..

Since getting up at 5.45am today he hasn't left me alone image Constantly wanting attention and wriggling round my legs, he's even tried climbing up my leg to get a cuddle image . I have just been sat at the pc and he's come and jumped up on my knee and pushed his head under my chin to gain affection and cuddles - purring his little head off!! I went to the loo earlier and just pushed the door to, the cheeky little man headbutted the door open to get to me image

He is never like this with me - he's more DH's & DD's cat than he is mine (even though I got him for me :roll: ) .

So now I'm wondering what could be causing this odd well as desperately hoping that it is in fact linked to him picking up something that I don't yet know :lol:


  • I've heard about pets knowing things like that, but I'm not sure how much of it is true!

    I'm 8 weeks pregnant and we have two kitties who are being exactly the same around me, so who knows!! x
  • It's very odd MrsKP - or rather HE is being very odd should I say!

    Oh well...we shall soon see image

    Now where's that psychic cat gone to? :lol:
  • Hi lily, i put a post up few days ago about animals detecting pregnancy. Although its not been proven, i have been looking on the internet and all pet owners who are expecting or dont even know they are expecting have noticed a change in their pets behaviour.

    I think its true, my cat has been more affectionate over the last couple of weeks.
    If you were to swim with dolphins ( i know it sounds stupid) but they will know instantly coz they use ultrasound.

  • Ooooohh!!!

    *is off for a google* image

    Wouldn't it be amazing if he did know before I did though?!
  • Hi There g/c from due in feb......but yep one of my dogs knew before I did and went (and has remained lol) very protective of me! It was his behaviour and me suddenly not liking white wine lol that made me test at about 10dpo and i got my bfp.
    Hope you get your bfp x
  • yes they can, when i was preg my cat who was never much of a hunter started bringing me a 'present' to the back doorstep every day, some form of mangled bird / mouse etc, on a couple of occasions they weren't dead and she'd bring them in and id be scrabbling round with my bump catching them. Aparently its a cats way of showing you it is doing its bit providing for the family.
  • g/c but my mum's dog has never been fond of me and always goes to her my sister or my husband, since becoming pregnant she doesnt leave me alone, shes sits with her body squished up against mine and although is the world's most hyperactive dog, will sit with her head on my lap for hours. We all believe she knows im pregnant and it started from pretty much from day one. good luck hun xx
  • oh my gosh- i never knew that!! how amazing!!!

    i dont think i could ever trust my dog though as she is totally my dog...we have to lock her in the living room when we bd as once she came up on the bed!!!

    lilylilac-i really hope thats whats happening, Oh no, ive lost my testing buddy!! I saw you on the feb list, but i hope you can test early and tell us youve got a bfp!!!!!!

  • This is going to sound really random, but we had gerbils when I was pregnant, and the whole time i was pregnant Boris would sleep on my tummy when her was allowed out of his cage.

    Used to be really funny as my little one was quite a kicker so he used to get sent flying often.

    I know it sounds really stupid, but he was never like that before and had no interest in my hubby at all.

    (I also found certain horses were more gentle to me, which changed once i had my little one)
  • my cats would be a useless judge as they are very affectionate anyways - interesting theory though and how lovely if it was true!
  • My cat knew I was in labour before I did :lol:

    She started meowing at me and would not leave my side. I would say its possible. They can smell hormone changes we cant xx
  • I'm g/c but when i was 6 months pregnant and at home a lot more, my dog started having phantom pregnancies. She's 3 and never had one before and she's kept having them and my dd is 7 months old now. The only thing that stops them is when i hide her little toys that she thinks are her puppies. I definitely think they know. X
  • O wow, can't believe I've never thought about this before, I got a BFP back in November and that same month my dog had a phantom pregnancy. She is very much my dog though so she's always following me about anyway, but that was something that never crossed my mind before! Sadly my bean wasn't sticky but I'll be paying closer attention to my dog....I feel it's going to be another symptom spotting obsession :roll: :lol: xx
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