Implantation or AF?

Hi Everyone

I ovulated 8 days ago and am not due AF until next Fri (was going to test next Sat), but this morning I have had a little light spotting. TMI alert, but it was light pink tinged clear mucus and seems to have gone away again now. I'm sure I had implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy, but it was more of a brown colour. Just wondered, from any of you that have been pregnant before and experienced something similar, what your experince was?

Thanks image


  • Thank you image There hasn't been anymore since then. I'm 9DPO and did a test this morning and unsurprisingly BFN (crazy, I know, as it's still to early - why do we do it to ourselves?!)... so, it's still a waiting game. I'm going away with work tomorrow until Tues and so that will take away the temptation of testing until at least Weds, but I should wait until Friday really. Fingers x'd!
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